More Awesome Illinois Edibles You’ll Love

More Awesome Illinois Edibles You'll Love

Want more? We’ve got it for you. We’re finding the edibles options keep growing. Keep getting better and more varied. These are simply amazing, and can stand on their own, cannabis or no cannabis. So if you’re up for it, here’s even more awesome Illinois edibles you’ll love.

So do tell, what are they?

Have you been following all of our updates on the Illinois Cannabis Cup, and the winners? If you have, you already know the answer. Either way, these are worth adding to your list.

Bhang produces artisan and award winning weed infused chocolates. This THC chocolate includes flavors such as Dark, Milk, Caramel CBD, Cookies & Cream White, Ice Milk, Fire Dark, Caramel Mocha, Blueberry Dark, Toffee Dark, Cherries & Cream Milk, and Italian Espresso Dark. You can download their dosing guide to help you figure out the right consumption rates for you. So whether you’re a new user or more experienced, you’ll find that Bhang strives to be an overall resource for you so that you can indulge safely.

Great, so where do you find these THC chocolates?

Excellent news for us – you can find Bhang in various dispensaries throughout Illinois. Many of these locations are also concentrated in the Chicagoland area. As dispensaries continue to open throughout the state, look for options to expand.

Also, if you like CBD, you’ll also want to check this out. Bhang carries a full CBD line of products online. You can get Edibles, Smoke & Vape, Topicals & Wellness, and more.

Bottom Line

If you want to continue to stay on top of Bhang and where else you can get their products, you can join their mailing list. You’ll be the first to know about their new releases, areas of expansion, and more. The world of artisan edibles is only going to continue, and watch for Bhang continue to be a leader.