Midwest Cannabis Trail To Now Check Out This Summer

Midwest Cannabis Trail To Now Check Out

You’ve heard of wine trails, and perhaps you’ve been on one or two. Now in states with a robust weed scene, you can find something similar. As you would expect, it’s a similar kind of adventure, perfect for a long weekend or more, especially during the warm weather months. Here’s a Midwest cannabis trail to now check out this summer:

Where it is

While it’s not here in Illinois, you can find this in nearby Michigan, perfect for a road trip. The Michigan Cannabis Trail is a one stop connecting weed experiences throughout the state. The regional areas covered include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, the UP, and more.

What you can find

You can find 420 events, lodging, news, and the latest laws on Michigan’s legal marijuana laws. Are you interested in visiting the latest weed lounge? Blunts and brushes? Have you ever gone cannagolfing? You can find all of that here.

Plan your route

You can also find a comprehensive map here so that will help you plan out the part of the trail that you want to do accordingly. Michigan has plenty of 420 friendly lodging options to stay in along your path.

Other perks

Get info on the closest dispensaries to your area, and the latest news on Michigan weed law. Travel tips are also available if you want that.

We strongly recommend that you always familiarize yourself with the weed laws in whichever states you visit, as the laws differ depending on where you are.

What’s next?

Looking ahead to the summer, we will bring you an update on 710 and additional weed events happening, in Illinois, the Midwest, and beyond. So be sure to check back on this post as well as our other ones, as they will update as needed.

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