Marijuana friendly activities in Illinois

Marijuana friendly events in Illinois

So since cannabis is so new here in Illinois, there’s not a ton of places you can indulge outside of your home. Well, other than your local dispensaries, these tours and private events. Not yet, anyway. However, there ARE some places that are more cannabis friendly than others. There are also some that are more creative in how they offer up their space to you. Whichever recreational activity appeals to you, there’s something cannabis friendly for most everyone. So here are what we have found to be the most marijuana friendly activities in Illinois:


Puff, Pass & Paint offers painting classes in which you can indulge in cannabis. Rather than being about making the perfect piece of art, it’s more about being part of an atmosphere. Specifically, an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing patrons to freely create their own original masterpiece. Painters and cannabis-users of various levels of expertise, and from all over the world, are welcome. Learn more about their Cannabis Painting experience in the Chicago area here.


Bud and Breakfast is essentially an Airbnb for cannabis. You can search listings through size, region, number of bedrooms, amenities, and find something that fits your needs and budget. It’s going to be quite some time before the big hotel chains legally allow cannabis on their properties. As a result, this is an ideal option. Check out Illinois listings and more info here.


420 Micro Weddings provides cannabis friendly weddings and elopements at Pine Manor, in Cook County. Yep, this is a thing. Weed friendly Pine Manor Chicago is the private home of Rev Pam who opened her doors to the public for small weddings and elopements in 2011. Since then, she has married almost 150 couples every year, and allows cannabis products on the property. Free WIFI is available on the private property with a rest room on each floor. Interested? Find out more info here.

Wrap Up

Lots of great and creative weed activities coming up. We’ll update this post when possible, so be sure to check back often.