Make Reservations For This 420 Celebration Now

Make Reservations For This 420 Celebration Now

With the 20th of April quickly approaching, it’s time to make your plans. Lots of events and happenings are popping up in our area and beyond. Things are getting back to normal, and spring is coming, so there’s a lot to put on your list. Make reservations for this 420 celebration now.

Cannabis friendly B&B

The Aldrich Guest House is holding their 2nd annual 420 celebration, the weekend of April 19-21. This will be a celebration of cannabis, inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and openness.

If you recall, Aldrich is the first (and only, as of this writing) cannabis friendly bed and breakfast in Illinois since 2020.

This year they are adding an infused dinner to the event. Otto’s Place will be cooking a 4-course dinner infused using Delta-8, CBD, and/or hemp oil, depending on your preferences.

In addition, you can expect a scavenger hunt, infusion demo, sesh with Verilife, and more. Get more details on the weekend offering, including costs here.

More Chicago edibles

Silky Edibles just dropped their March menu. Infused treats include Pop Tarts, Banana Nut Bites, Samoa Bites, and Thin Mints. Delivery is available, and they have their own app for download if you prefer that. Check out the options here.

Members Only 420 Cafe

Toke Libre is the Members Only café and wine bar from Herbal Notes. On the Southside of Chicago, the club showcases Brown & Black owned wines & spirits as well as infused foods. Find out the details including special events, dates, times, and pricing here.

What’s next

Be sure to check back with us soon for more info on 420 events and specials coming up, as well as expos for spring and summer. Sign up for our weekly mailing list below so that you can get notified about our updates as soon as we have them.

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