Majoring in Marijuana online? Here’s the Illinois programs

Majoring in Marijuana online? Here's the Illinois programs

We’ve talked a ton in the past about cannabis school. You can go to college now for marijuana job training. We are starting to see more and more states offer these options, and we’ve talked a lot about it here and here. They’re great career options to consider. This is even more true if you are switching careers, especially as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Illinois is a leader in these programs. Several universities in Illinois offer different programs, and that number is only going to grow. Have you been laid off, recently? Do you have a passion for the weed industry? If so, majoring in marijuana online? Here’s the Illinois programs:

Majoring in Marijuana online? Here’s the Illinois programs

1. Oakton Community College

Oakton’s pretty amazing here. They’ve pretty much led the charge for weed school in Illinois. You can major in a “Cannabis dispensary and patient care specialist” certificate program. You’ll learn how to educate patients and help dispensaries follow the law. After finishing this program, you can get a job with a licensed dispensary. You can also apply for additional careers in marijuana, as you will learn a wide variety of subjects. Are you over 21? Can you pass a criminal background check? That’s required. If so, check it out. Programs are remote right now, so this is a perfect weed career training option at the moment. Learn more here.

2. Southern Illinois University

SIU is creating courses to meet cannabis market demands. This major, which is still in development, will train students and help farmers and growers with their operations. So what does all that mean? Well, you can expect to learn agriculture and plant biology. You’ll also study chemistry, engineering, business, ecology and other subjects, to name a few. This program wants to support agriculture and industry with solid research and training. So, expect to see this program, which will be a new degree, on track this year. Some classes are already being offered. Learn more here, and learn about SIU going fully online here.

3. Western Illinois University

Western is making a lot of progress in cannabis education. They are offering a “Cannabis Production Minor” option. You can learn about weed biology and production. This includes cannabis anatomy, physiology, breeding, propagation methods, management techniques, post-harvest processing, commercial production, crop rotations and product applications. That all, huh? Sounds pretty complete. If you’re looking for solid training that’s going to get you a job, look into this. Also, Western’s gone all online for the time being. Learn more about that here.

4. Chicago State University

Chicago State is the latest one to offer weed career training classes. You can take classes in a “Cannabis non credit certificate” program. If you take this, you will first learn the history of the industry. In addition, you will study the basics of cultivation, chemistry, dosages, and even how to start a business. In turn, you can also learn about the legal and social implications of the cannabis industry. If you want to get the certificate, you’ve got to complete all five courses. If not, each course can be taken as a stand alone class. Learn more here, and get your updates on remote learning here.


The good news is, you can still keep job training going. Even though it’s all remote for now, you don’t need to worry about options or quality. Programs are only going to grow. Happy online remote learning, and stay healthy!