Majoring in marijuana? Here are 3 weed schools in Illinois

majoring in marijuana

Now, unless you’re living on the moon, you know that we’ve legalized recreational marijuana in Illinois, starting January 2020. We’re already seeing the signs of things to come. One of them is school. Weed school! Seriously. This is a long held dream come true for some. Or a joke come to life for others. But really, this is a thing. Career training programs. Higher education. How to enter the job market. So, are you interested in majoring in marijuana? Here are 3 weed schools in Illinois:

So weed school, really? That’s actually a thing, now?

It sure is, and programs are only going to grow. This is no fly by night thing. Here are some of the pioneers. These are accredited, actual universities and community colleges. And they’re well positioned to become leaders in the space:

1. Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale will soon offer a marijuana training program. If you want to go to SIU, you can take 30 credit hours to then receive a certificate in cannabis. Expect to get a ground breaking higher education offering. That said, SIU won’t make it available until sometime around the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020. So stay in the loop. If you’re interested in more info, then check out the details here.

2. Oakton Community College

Oakton Community College in Des Plaines is launching a program to train students in working with medical marijuana patients. They plan to begin the program in the fall of 2019. If you want to learn more about blazing this trail (seriously, their language, not ours) click here.

3. HempStaff

Florida-based HempStaff will offer cannabis training for dispensary jobs in Illinois this summer. Mark your calendar for the next one on August 17th. Hempstaff is holding the next training session at the DoubleTree by Hilton in suburban Wood Dale. But if you can’t make that date, get on their mailing list. This company offers these programs regularly. Check out the following link to learn more.


We’re going to see more of these programs over time. The 3 above schools are only the beginning. If you really want to major in marijuana, watch what happens in 2020. Once we fully legalize hemp, we will then see developments and programs we can’t even imagine right now. The Illinois job market will dictate what training programs need to follow. So stay tuned! We ain’t seen nothing yet.