Like Chicago cannabis infused dining? You’ll love this one

Like Chicago cannabis infused dining? You'll love this one

Rob Menor, with his catering company Adobo Loko, is the latest cannabis supper club to come to the infused dining scene in Chicago. Rob is a chef who combines cannabis with traditional Filipino cooking methods. If you like your ethnic cooking, and want an elevated experience, this is worth checking out. Adobo Loko uses classic flavors, specializing in Filipino sweets and pastries.

What else is so unique about this Adobo Loko?

Well, we’ve talked a lot about cannabis infused dining in Illinois and beyond. We’ve seen ethnic cuisine emerge, as a popular option, in weed infused cuisine, and Adobo Loko is no exception. They use ingredients like mango, ube – which is a sweet purple yam, jackfruit, coconut, butter and sugar toppings. As a result, he’s created a rich, infused, flavorful dining experience. One of Rob Menor’s most popular menu items is his Ube Doobie—a classic Ube flavored treat topped with roasted coconut, similar to a fudge bar.

The chef uses strains like Purple Skunk, in various cannabis infused recipes he’s developed over the years. So, his recipes are potent as well as tasty. You’ll in turn find lots of cannabutter in his foods, making for rich dishes such as Kush’inta, which is a Filipino steamed cake. Rob has also become part of the Filipino Food movement, above and beyond cannabis. Because of his work, he’s become an author of the book, “The New Filipino Kitchen”.

What other plans does Adobo Loko have?

Adobo Loko is launching an edibles line, 8th Street Treats, this fall, on Instagram. So you’ll now be able to easily get the Kush’inta, in addition to other treats. You can also get Ube Doobies, with a donation. This is a chewy, vivid purple pastry with toasted coconut flakes. Menor describes it as a “big purple blunt,” because his recipe calls for a double dose of cannabutter and coconut oil. Each pastry contains 20 mg of THC. He is also going to take requests for BUDbingka, which is infused bibingka – a slightly sweet, cheesy, coconut rice-flour cake.

He is planning cannabis infused dining pop-ups around Chicago, in which he will feature a ten-seat, three-course infused menu in October. So, you can reach out directly for booking through email or Instagram.

Bottom Line

If you want to stay in the loop on cannabis infused cuisine, be sure to check out our past posts. We’ve covered Boston, Maine, New York, and Michigan, to name a few regions. We’ll see more cities added to the list as time goes on. We’ll be sure to cover them. And if this MORE Act passes through Congress this fall? We’ll have a whole other ball game on our hands, as a result. Time will tell.