Let’s talk about cannabis sex now, Illinois

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Cannabis is many things to many people these days. It’s medicinal, it’s recreational, it’s polarizing, it’s mystical. For many of us, it’s all of the above. Particularly when it comes to sex. So let’s delve into that, shall we? Let’s talk about cannabis sex, Illinois. There’s so much you’ll want to know about.

As a result of the legalization happening in January, we’ll have a lot more marijuana options to choose from… for so many parts of our lives. And sex, well, it’s right up there with eating, sleeping, and breathing in terms of bodily needs.

Not only do we have weed for sex options these days, we have different kinds for all kinds of experiences. Do you want a more intimate experience? Wild? Adventurous? Kinky? Fantasy? Then check out the following list below. We’ve tried to make it fairly complete when it comes to the best pot for sex. You will find something for every shade of desire, encounter, and adventure. Read on, there’s something for everybody.

Let’s talk about cannabis sex, Illinois. Best practices.

1. Personal Safety

Now, before we get into all of this, we want to emphasize personal safety. Always always always practice self care. Make sure you are in a safe environment, with someone you trust, who trusts you. Also make sure you do your research, test which strains are the best fit for your body chemistry. Remember not to overdo it, especially in the beginning, so that you stay aware of your surroundings and you are in command of your own body, choices, and senses.

2. Performance issues

Also, one more thing before we take a deeper dive here, as there are a few more best practices to keep in mind. First of all, like we just said, a little goes a long way. Typically 3 hits of a flower or 1 to 2 hits of a concentrate should be all you need to have an awesome time ahead of you. If you overdo it, you can run into performance issues. Also, it’s always a wise idea to pick strains that have the right mix of sativa and indica… So, let’s talk about cannabis sex, Illinois.

Wait, what’s sativa and indica?

1. Sativa

Sativa strains are known for energizing you. They will pump you up. Also, sativa makes for psychedelic and cerebral experiences. Know this when you choose your strains. If you select one with too much sativa, you might get in your head too much, which is not what you’re looking for in a good romp. Balance is key.

2. Indica

Indica strains have that classic chill factor. We think of these kinds of strains whenever we think of old school weed. The right balance of indica in your weed will make for major sensory ecstasy. That said, you’ll want to watch it, as too much will shut your body down, and you’ll have a hard time getting off the couch.

So, let’s get to it. Here’s a pretty complete list of strains to help you get your freak on:

Let’s talk about cannabis sex, Illinois. Check out these strains:

1. Bubblegum Kush

This strain is super high in indica. As in 80 percent. It’s known for being relaxing and tangy. It will also make you euphoric, due to the high THC levels. As this strain causes a relaxed, happy high, it’s good for leisurely, non-rushed intimacy. A great strain for when you have a lot of time on your hands. Think smooth, sensual, and laid-back.

2. Trainwreck

This one is high in sativa. It’s also got a heavy THC content. If you indulge, you will experience euphoria as well as an intense cerebral effect. One thing to note about this strain, is that it’s awesome for treating pain. So on one hand, that makes it good for pushing the bar in BDSM. On the other, know that if something hurts too much too often, maybe it should. So tread wisely. It has an earthy and citrusy flavor, so it should be pleasant to indulge in.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

Interestingly enough, this strain is known for being ideal for flying solo. Who knew? Apparently the reason is that it’s good for fantasizing. Fun fact: This strain, because of its creative enhancing qualities, is also popular with artists, or anyone looking to come up with creative and original ideas on the fly. Another fun fact: True to its name, it has a sweet, minty flavor.

4. Sour Diesel

For a bit of a left turn here, this variety is great for intensity. It’s known for producing mind-blowing energy. So if you’re looking to get it on with a partner you can’t get enough of for a marathon session, this may be the one for you. Keep in mind that it can also cause anxiety. So go easy and make sure this is a good fit with your body chemistry before going too far down the road.

5. Jillybean

Get out the kink! This one is known for making you feel creative, uplifted, and euphoric. If you indulge, you may feel inspired to bring out the toys, role play, talk dirty, you name it. If you’re looking to get over the hump (no pun intended, sorry) on shedding some inhibitions, this may be the strain for you.

6. Harlequin

This strain is pretty heavy on the CBD. As a result, it’s also used for its healing and pain relieving qualities. It’s a pretty calming strain. If you’re into that, this may be the one for you. Users report relaxation and clear headed feelings. Maybe a wake ‘n bake, if you don’t have to go to work. Morning roll, anybody?

7. Granddaddy Purple

Also known as the Green Viagra. Users report strong arousal, uncontrollable sex drive from this indica. Also, a psychedelic high is not uncommon with this strain. All of this adds up to lowered inhibitions, so get ready for some of the best sex you’ll ever have. Enjoy!

8. Sky Walker

No, not that kind of sky walker. Seriously, though, this one is a hybrid, if that’s what you’re looking for. Now even though it’s a mix, it’s pretty heavy on the mind-bending effects of a classic indica strain that sneak up on you. So if you’re looking for something in which you can get lost with your partner, you might want to check this one out.

9. Chemdawg

This one’s got a rep as a pretty balanced hybrid. You’ll get immediate effects, and you’ll stay clear headed. Users report other feelings such as reduced anxiety and relaxation. Do you get performance anxiety? Nervous about stage fright taking you out of the game? Then this one might be right for you.

10. XJ – 13

Do you want a sativa experience, but afraid of going overboard? Then this one might be right for you. This strain is sativa heavy, but manages to keep you focused without the anxiousness. It’s also known to produce a body-tingling high, as well as energized. It’s got a sweet any piney flavor, and said to be a favorite of Jack Herer fans.

11. Asian Fantasy

This one is a a rare sativa. Known to taste like apples and cheese. Users report that this strain is arousing, energetic, and relaxing, all at once. It has an earthy taste, mixed with a strong skunky and cheese flavor. It contains traces of citrus and spices, as well as a strong tea taste.

12. Silver Haze

Looking for a wild night? This is a strong, fast acting sativa. Users love the sweet, earthy smell and the spicy, skunky, citrusy taste. Are you looking to get experimental? Overcome insecurities and get playful? You’ll get the giggles with this one for sure. If you’re looking for some adventure, check this one out.

13. Flo

This is a sativa dominant strain, and named for getting into the flow of things. It smells fruity and grapefruit like, with a slight pine taste. Users report a high level of creativity and energy in using this one, so check it out.

14. Ultimate Trainwreck

We found this high THC sativa to be sweet and citrusy. If you’re going to indulge, get ready for high arousal, happiness, and focus. Add to that lowered inhibitions… All of that translates to a marathon session you’ll want to make sure you have adequate time for.

15. Blue Dream

This one’s got a lot of sativa dominance in it, so know that going into it. Users report feelings of a body high, but a clear head, too. So if you’re looking for a strain with the right amount of balance, this might be a good one to check out for the right kind of night. Flavors include earthy sandalwood, crisp citrus, and berries.

Sounds great. So where can I buy cannabis for sex strains in Illinois?

Like we said, Illinois will officially legalize recreational marijuana next year. Officially it will take place January 2020. So at that time, look for local options to pop up as to where you can purchase. We will absolutely be updating our readers at that time as well. In the meantime, you can look to purchase online. You can also try going to a dispensary in a state that has already legalized recreational marijuana, the next time you are out of town. Careful about where you travel with your strains, though!


So let’s talk about cannabis sex, Illinois… These strains are just the beginning. There all kinds of cannabis infused products meant to enhance the intimacy experience, such as weed infused lube, which we’ll cover in future articles. Just keep in mind that all of these are meant to enhance the experience, not to take it over, so choose wisely, and you’ll have a good time.

Also, remember to practice self-care and personal safety. We can’t emphasize that enough, when it comes to the best pot for sex.

Lastly, as we said earlier, we’ll definitely be covering where you can get these awesome products locally, when recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois in 2020. So stay tuned!