Learn About The Best Low Dose Edibles

New Edibles Brands Available In Illinois

Maybe you’re the type of person who prefers subtle effects over big ones. You like to keep things mellow, under control. You’re not necessarily looking to get bowled over by anything you ingest, let alone weed. Perhaps you’re most comfortable with something buzzing softly in the background, as opposed to right upfront and center. If that describes you, you’re more likely into weed consumption methods other than inhalation, which tends to hit you hard and fast. Assuming this all describes you, you’ll probably be interested in what low dosing, or microdosing is. Learn about the best low dose edibles.

Why would someone want a low dose edible?

If you know anything at all about edibles, you already know that the THC onset is much slower than that of inhalation or other methods of partaking in cannabis. When you consume edibles, the soonest you’ll feel the effects will be within 30 minutes. Oftentimes, the actual onset might take as long as 2 hours. Now while this method requires patience, and you have to be careful not to over ingest during that time, the THC effects last much longer.

But when the effects finally hit you? Maybe it’s a little much, and you want something lower. Perhaps you’re a senior, and you simply don’t need or desire anything that strong. Maybe you’re working, and you need something that’s subtle and manageable. Or conversely, maybe you need something to help you sleep, and you don’t want to overdo it on the THC. Whatever your personal reasons are, there are times you just need something… less.

Ok, you’ve convinced me. But what’s considered low dose?

Typically, a low dose of THC in an edible is 2 or 2.5mg. You’ll often see 3 or 4mg of CBD in addition. This is to help enhance the mellow effects a low dose edible is aiming for.

So what are these options?

Below are some great options to try, whether you’re here in Illinois or beyond:

1. Cann Social Tonic

This is a carbonated beverage using all-natural ingredients to create a light, refreshing social buzz, at 30-35 calories per serving. You’ll get 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per 8 ounce can. Available flavors include Grapefruit Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, and Blood Orange Cardamom. Learn more here.

2. Petra Mints

These are portable, discreet, and microdosing mints in a variety of flavors, from spicy to sour to sweet. Choose from Citrus, Pineapple, Tart Cherry, Moroccan Mint, Saigon Cinnamon, Cinnamon, and Blackberry. Each mint contains on average 2.5mg of THC, making it this an ideal product for low dosing for almost any occasion. Find out more details and where to find them.

3. PLUS Products

These are gummies that are very popular for promoting sleep, the CBNRelief Lychee and PLUS Sleep Cloudberry. The CBNRelief one features 3mg CBD, 2mg CBN, 1mg THC, and 0.5mg melatonin. The PLUS Sleep Cloudberry option includes 5mg THC, 1mg CBN, 1mg CBD, and 0.5mg, in case you want more THC. Learn more here.

4. Stillwater

This is a black tea which contains 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD. It’s great for users who want that pleasant, low, microdose of cannabis. Rich and full bodied, just know that this does contain caffeine, so you probably don’t want to drink it right before you go to sleep. That said, this could be an ideal workday beverage, so something worth considering. Get more info here.

5. Satori Chocolates

This premier chocolate line has much to offer in terms of low dosing cannabis. Choose from Strawberries in Milk Chocolate, Sweet & Salty Almonds in Dark Chocolate, and Blueberries in Dark Chocolate. All contain 3mg of THC or less per piece, and can stand on their own in terms of artisan chocolate quality. Check them out here.

6. The Good Ship

Do you like pastilles? If so, you’re in luck. The Good Ship brand offers a line of these treats in a 2.5mg THC dosage, containing 40 pastilles per package. Available in Peppermint, Lemon Lime, and Tart Cherry. Learn more about what they are, and where they’re available here.

Bottom Line

It’s always better to start with a more conservative amount of cannabis, if you’re ever in doubt as to how much you can handle. That way you can better control your THC intake. You always want to make sure that your experience is safe, enjoyable, and healthy. Always follow best practices, going low and slow, and you should be good.