Latest weed lounge coming to Illinois in Fall 2021

Latest weed lounge coming to Illinois in Fall 2021

Events are back, and we’re seeing them grow quickly in the legal weed industry. Not only events, but event spaces, clubs and lounges opening up. While the Midwest hasn’t moved as quickly in this area as say, the West Coast, we’re still seeing progress. Here’s the latest weed lounge coming to Illinois in Fall 2021.

Cannabis event spaces are growing in Illinois?

They are, and we’ve covered them at length. You can get a fuller list here.

So what’s the latest?

It’s called High Harbor Cannabis Lounge & Event Center. With plans to build out the facility to over 7000 square feet, it will feature two cannabis consumption lounges and private event spaces.

You’ll also see a themed area called the Skyway Lounge, which will host a variety of live entertainment and educational seminars, with a bar for glass rentals.

If you want to get more of a members only, premium experience, you can visit the VIP Lava Lounge. Outside the lounge, on the Tarmac Pavillion, you’ll be able to buy assorted snacks from the area’s best food trucks.

So where is it, again?

High Harbor will be located in West Peoria, in central Illinois, at 1321 N. Park Rd. The grand opening date is still TBD, but slated for Fall 2021.

Can you buy cannabis onsite?

Nope. This is a BYOC type establishment (bring your own cannabis). However, it will be a safe place in which you can enjoy it, along with other forms of entertainment, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Do they have a website? Where do you get updates?

No website that we know of yet, but in the meantime you can follow their Facebook page.

Any other updates, in the meantime?

You might be interested in learning more about the Cannabis Camp event coming up in August, hosted by Trinity Centers, which is a 2 day consumption event on High Harbors property. Get the details here.

And what else?

Be sure to stay up to date with us as this post updates when needed. So check back often on events, updates, and all things cannabis in Illinois.