Latest In THC Infused Drinks Coming To Illinois You’ll Love

Latest In THC Infused Drinks Coming To Illinois You'll Love

Hey, guess what? You know what’s the latest that’s coming here by next summer? We know we’ve talked about cannabis beverages in the past, a lot. But the ones that are coming here are gonna be a game changer. So here’s the latest in THC infused drinks coming to Illinois you’ll love.

So what’s the deal with new THC drinks?

Canopy Growth Corp is based in Smiths Falls, Ontario. They’re expanding into California and Illinois summer of 2021 by launching its sessionable THC beverages. You’ll be able to find them in dispensaries, and over the long term, liquor stores and other retail locations once it’s legal.

The way these drinks will be different from the ones you’ve been able to get in Illinois up to this point, is while they contain THC, they’re going to be designed to keep you buzzed and social the same way you are when you drink beer, cocktails or wine.

If you’ve been following Canopy, you know that they just released their first marijuana drink this spring throughout Canada. The company’s Tweed brand has launched Tweed Houndstooth & Soda.

You can get the carbonated drink in a 355-milliliter can. You’ll consume 2 mg of THC, and less than 1 mg of CBD. As a result, you’ll probably feel the effects in 30 minutes or less. If you’re looking for something to compare these to, the most likely drink is a hard seltzer.

Since then, they’ve also released a Penelope & Tonic drink, with a tonic base, and Bakerstreet & Ginger, with ginger ale. Both of these drinks also contain 2 mg of THC, and the Tonic also contains 1.5 mg of CBD.

Bottom Line

Now, we’re not saying that Tweed or any of its drinks will be what you get in Illinois or California next summer, but it will give you a good idea about what to expect from Canopy. So be on the lookout for these, as THC beverage options continue to expand in Illinois and beyond.