Latest Illinois CBD beverage to try now

One of the fasting growing areas of CBD and THC consumables is in the form of beverages. Why, do you ask? Well, because it’s a tasty way to ingest infused products, and you get a faster onset from beverages than you do in food. We’ve talked a lot about what CBD is in the past. We’ve also covered all kinds of Illinois THC and CBD infused beverages before. So, the spirit of continuing that trend, here’s the latest Illinois CBD beverage to try now:

Before we get to that, know that the infused drink scene is booming here in Illinois, and all over the country. You can get everything from infused beer to wine to coffee, and some drinks are simple enough that you can make them at home. So what’s the latest that’s new and different?

Headquartered out of Chicago, Tempo Beverages line of CBD infused drinks feature a craft blend of sparkling brewed teas, fruits, and spices. All of Tempo’s products are organic, with no added flavors. Choose from flavors such as Raspberry Matcha with Raspberry & Lime, Blackberry Hibiscus Tea with Blackberry & Lemon, and Ginger Green Tea with Ginger & Turmeric. You’ll get 25mg of hemp-derived CBD in each beverage, and you can purchase in 6 pack or 12 pack options. Selections also include a variety pack featuring all three drinks.

If you’re looking for a healthy CBD drink option, Tempo is a good one to consider, since each can contains 15 calories, no sodium, and less than 3 grams of sugar. Since Tempo Beverages products contain no THC, you can purchase products online. You can also get shipping to most states, at least those in which CBD legislation allows. Not only that, but you can get free shipping if you order over $35 in products. Check their website for details.

What else?

Keep an eye on Tempo Beverages, as they’re a solid up and comer in this space. They’re huge advocates for cannabis, involved in various projects in Chicago, such as federal legalization and platforms for entrepreneurs. Check out CEO Ryan Crane’s Tedx Talk on the therapeutic effects of CBD to learn more about Tempo’s mission. His comparison of CBD to caffeine acceptance is worth watching.

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