Latest Illinois cannabis jobs September 2019

Latest Illinois Cannabis Jobs

Hey everybody, and happy post Labor Day. Hope your holiday weekend was awesome and that it’s not too painful being back at work today. Speaking of work, the team here at Pot In Illinois is working hard to keep you up to date. As a result, we’ve got some new gigs for you to investigate. Check out the latest we’ve got for you. Here’s the latest Illinois cannabis jobs September 2019 below.

Keep in mind that many cannabis jobs involve traditional skillsets. Some even require a professional services background. So, this is good news for those of you wanting to jump tracks to get into the industry. Even if you’re not a budtender or a grower, you can. But chances are you got something somebody wants. So check it out:

Cannabis Dispensary Representative

So what do you do in this job? You’re basically a sales rep. Which is pretty cool, considering what you’re selling. This is a front of the house gig for PharmaCann in North Aurora. If you know anything about them, you know they’re a market leader. Great opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a hot company. If you like working with people the minute they walk in the store, helping them with their needs, read on. This job could be for you. Learn more here.

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Grassroots Cannabis, another hot company in the industry, is hiring. This opportunity is a great chance to get in by playing a supporting role. You’ll be helping out the sales and marketing teams, giving them everything they need. Responsibilities include training and information, tools and educational materials. You’ll also help out with swag and branded merchandise. When issues come up and the team needs to put out fires, you’ll be on the front lines. If this sounds like your kind of gig, click here.

Director of Technical Services

Are you a leader? Do you have a passion for working with the plant? If so, you should check out this opportunity with our friends over at Cresco Labs. They are a market trailblazer, recently named one of the Top 100 Cannabis Leaders by Entrepreneur magazine. In this position, you’ll be responsible for products and processes, and leading the team. You’ll handle development through launch, scaling up, and optimization. Learn more about this awesome opportunity with Cresco Labs here.

Regulatory & Government Affairs Associate

This is a great opportunity to get in the door with Green Thumb Industries. If you like staying on top of the cannabis industry as it evolves, this gig could be for you. You’ll be untying red tape, helping to make sense of rules and regs, and analyze legislation for the team. A background in public policy and/or government will make you a very strong potential fit for this job. Learn more info and apply here.

Bottom Line

So as you see, traditional skills are more than fine for applying to these jobs. As long as you possess a willingness to learn, you’ll do fine in the new Illinois cannabis industry. The other piece that we would definitely recommend is networking. More and more opportunities to network for cannabis career opportunities are popping up all over the state, and we’ll be sure to cover those in the future.