Latest Illinois Cannabis Job Training Program

Latest Illinois Cannabis Job Training Program

If you’re looking for a job right now, considering what the unemployment rate still is, you’re not alone. This is a great time to consider pivoting and getting into the cannabis industry, especially here in Illinois. As we’ve discussed in the past, many colleges and universities have launched job training programs, and Illinois is no exception. So if this all applies to you, here’s the latest Illinois cannabis job training program:

Danville Area Community College

Danville Area Community College is offering a brand new and unique class in the fall. The goal of providing skilled workers to Illinois’s growing cannabis industry. The class is called Cultivation and Compliance, SUST 121. This class will teach you how to grow marijuana, without bringing any cannabis on campus. You’ll learn about medicinal plant growth and distribution in Illinois.

So instead of actually handling and growing weed, you’ll grow plants that grow similarly to marijuana, such as poinsettias and catnip. This is all in order to keep the costs down, such as security. So, you’ll do the growing in the campus greenhouse, and also be able to grow hemp on the five acres south of the DACC campus. As hemp doesn’t contain the high levels of THC that cannabis does, this is all legal. Since hemp has a number of benefits, such as producing CBD oil, this may interest you also.

In addition to the above, you’ll learn about biosecurity related to cannabis. Rounding out the program is inventory tracking and the legal aspects, such as Biotrack and compliance with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

And if you want to go further in your studies, this class, SUST 121 would be part of a certificate program as a cultivation technician that the Business and Technology Division is developing. The 24 hour certificate would include credits such as marketing, hemp production, laws, and farming tech. The whole goals is so that you can get a job at a cultivation center, which would enable you to potentially work your way up to master grower, which is a six figure job.

Latest Illinois Cannabis Job Training Program

The great thing about these programs is that they are pretty fast to complete, when compared with that of other college certificates or degrees. In addition, these programs are absolutely geared towards getting you a job quickly, in a rapidly growing industry. Once you get your foot in the door, you can get on the path to grow your career from there. Maybe you can even launch a startup at some point. So if you’re seriously considering making a change, check these programs out.