Join A Secret Cannabis Supper Club – For Free

Join A Secret Cannabis Supper

We’ve all had it pretty tough these past several months, not really being able to go anywhere or do anything. When we get back to normal, expect to see a lot of pent up demand being let loose. Restaurants, shows, parties, and all kinds of events will resume full force. So that being the case, weed enthusiasts, put this one on your list now. Check this out while you can, because it will fill up fast. Like edibles? Infused dining? Then learn how to join a secret cannabis supper club – for free.

A secret cannabis supper club? For free? What gives?

This is real; not some cheesy link bait or anything like that. As you well know, especially if you’ve been following us for a while, that weed infused dining clubs are anything but free. They’re not even low cost. You find deals, but by and large they’re not the type of activity you typically seek out if money is an issue.

Ok, fine. So what’s the story, then?

Do you remember when we first told you about The Herbal Chef? To jog your memory, they’re a cannabis culinary platform featuring highly trained and accomplished chefs in a number of cities throughout the country. They offer personal chefs, private dining, holiday event catering, and corporate party catering. Overall, they handle a wide range of culinary services that can accommodate a broad variety of events. You can find The Herbal Chef in Chicago, L.A., Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Vancouver, B.C.

How does this new membership work, what’s the catch?

This is billed as an exclusive, members only society. Limited availability of free lifetime memberships. Here’s the catch – you need to fill out an application. The goal is to curate a group of like-minded individuals who will enjoy these types of experiences, getting them together in a safe, secluded space. Keep in mind that this is the type of clientele they’re looking for, when you fill out your info.

Expect the club to look like part speakeasy, part weekly hole in the wall bar, part artisan cuisine, and part cannabis smoking lounge. Chefs will be cooking and plating right in front of you. You also be treated to an all-inclusive craft cocktail menu, and an array of cannabis treats. And again, this is for foodies who want to be part of a secret weed dining club, who want to socialize in a safe environment.


What else do I need to know about the application?

The lifetime membership option ordinarily costs $1,000. Again, this is free to a limited number of applicants. It includes the secret supper club access, and all annual membership benefits including the online portal. Now, here’s the important part: When you select the lifetime membership, before you get to the payment section, make sure you click on the green coupon box and enter FOUNDER.

If you’re not ready to make the leap into a lifetime membership, you can also try out the annual one. Enter the coupons REBEL or GANGSTER for to get it at a discount.

If you need to get in touch with them to help process your application, shoot The Herbal Chef an email or hit up their Instagram.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to get back to normal yet? Yep, we are too. Just continue to hang on, it’s coming. And we’ll see many more of these cool weed clubs and events popping up everywhere.