Illinois weed fest for a quick fall getaway

Illinois weed fest for a quick fall getaway

With winter coming, the season is getting short for outdoor festivals, especially here in the Upper Midwest. And for weed lovers, the choices are even fewer and farther between. So if you want to get in another trip before the cold sets in, check out this Illinois weed fest for a quick fall getaway:

The details

Remember Aldrich Guest House, who we have featured a few times in the past? They are the first and only cannabis friendly bed and breakfast in Illinois. One of their features is the Potting Shed, a 420 B&B lodging option on the property. They’re located in Galena, in the Northwest corner of the state.

Aldrich is hosting a special cannabis centered event the weekend of November 19. This is in partnership with 8 other local businesses in Galena.

Events will range from seshes on Saturday and Sunday at 4:20, to outdoor activities, shows, a catered dinner and more. Each activity will feature a pairing with a suggested strain from Verilife Galena, as well as CBD/Delta 8 from Botanicanna.

“Although Galena is a small town, there’s a very supportive cannabis friendly environment here,” says Robert Mahan, one of Aldrich Guest House’s co-owners. “This is our second cannabis event. We’re looking to incorporate future events as well, which will range from cannabis cooking classes to cannabis education sessions and seminars. Long term we’d like to plan full on cannabis conferences.”  

Their philosophy

“People often think that B&Bs are stuffy and pretentious,” Robert adds. “Not us! We’ve been here over 7 years and have been in the hospitality and service industry for a combined 55 years. Since legalization, we’ve been able to lead by example, as a business for cannabis tourists. We believe cannabis related tourism is a great benefit to a destination, even a small town like Galena.”

Get all the details on Aldrich’s event, including the schedule and pricing here.

What’s next?

Be sure to check back often, as we will bring you the latest in cannabis guides in Illinois. Look for more on weed lounges, infused food, events, and more. As the scene matures and develops, we will bring you the latest info.