Illinois Onsite Cannabis Consumption Lounge Now Opening

Illinois Onsite Cannabis Consumption

Finally! After much delay, we’re finally going to see an Illinois weed bar open soon. It’s been a long, difficult road getting to this point, but now we’re here. Expect this to be the first of many, and expect this to be highly successful. Here’s the details on the first Illinois onsite cannabis consumption lounge now opening.

Wait, haven’t you talked about this before?

Yes, we did. But as with everything else affected by Covid, plans were put on hold. But now that we’re moving into a different chapter, we’re seeing things move forward.

Ok, great. So what is this place and where is it?

It’s called the Luna Lounge, and it’s located in Sesser, Illinois. It’s going to be a a bring-your-own consumption bar, allowing up to 100 users to consume cannabis, onsite at one time.

That sounds cool. Where do I get the cannabis?

You can buy your weed from dispensaries in Illinois, to bring with you. You can either buy or rent supplies at Luna Lounge to consume your weed onsite. For example, you can items such as paper, smoking papers, pipes and other accessories. Luna Lounge is simply a great consumption space. Bring your own and they provide everything else.

Can I consume anything else onsite besides cannabis?

No, you can’t. They won’t allow food, alcohol, or any other drugs. The owners are making it a priority that they follow the law. Cannabis only. Now that said, they’re planning to allow a food truck out front on weekends for those who want to purchase food. Additionally, you’ll also be able to buy CBD water, in case you’ve smoked too much. As CBD is known for helping in case you’ve consumed too much THC, this is a necessary as well as convenient item for sale.

What else will the lounge have to offer?

They plan to feature live bands, comedians, trivia nights, karaoke, crafting & painting, yoga, and more. Think of it as an overall entertainment space. There will be something for everyone.

So when does this place open?

They plan to open within the next few months, so expect to see them open as soon as summer 2021.

And where do I find them online?

You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. Look for more details and opening updates to come out shortly.

So what else do I need to know?

Expect to see more cannabis lounges open up in Illinois and nearby in the coming months, and to offer different types of experiences to guests. Keep an eye on this space, as we’ll be sure to update you ASAP.