Illinois Job Hunter? Love Cannabis? Then Read This ASAP.

Illinois Job Hunter? Love Cannabis? Then Read This ASAP.

With unemployment being at a record high now in Illinois and elsewhere due to the pandemic, you might be amongst the many job hunters out there. Since you’re reading this, we’re also gonna assume that you enjoy and partake in weed. If that’s the case, there’s a number of things you want to be aware of. Are you an Illinois job hunter? Love cannabis? Then read this ASAP.

Now, before you read further, what we are about to tell you is what we consider to be best practices. We always want to keep you up on the latest happening in the cannabis world. This is not legal advice, not should it be construed as such. If you want to seek legal counsel, check out more details and your options here.

So now that we have that out of the way – here in Illinois, even though it’s now legal, employers can still fire workers for a number of reasons related to cannabis.

So how can using cannabis potentially get you fired in Illinois?

Well, here’s a few things, to start:

1. Bring cannabis to the office

Yeah, don’t. Just leave it at home. Not worth the risk.

2. Showing up to work impaired

This is another in which it’s just not worth it. There’s a time and a place. And work is not it.

3. Failing random drug tests

This one probably speaks for itself. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, maybe a job in which you have to take random drug tests isn’t the best fit for you.

How can you lose out on an Illinois job opportunity if you’re a cannabis user?

Even if you’re in the interviewing stage, you need to be aware of how cannabis use might affect your chances. Check it out.

1. Pre-employment testing and random testing

You can also lose a job opportunity if you don’t pass a drug test. which is sometimes part of a background check. Know this. Even if you think that weed use doesn’t affect your job directly, doesn’t necessarily matter. You can still lose the job offer. So, you may want to pass on those edibles till you actually get the job, and know what the company’s cannabis policy is.

2. The actual definition of the word impaired

One big problem with these tests, is that the definition of “impaired,” is up to interpretation. And right or wrong, that’s not something you want to mess with. We’re talking your livelihood here.

3. Not knowing if it’s federal job

And what if it’s a federal gig? Doesn’t matter that it’s in Illinois. If the gig is federal, military, or on federal property, know that under current federal law, marijuana remains an illegal substance and can subject a user or possessor to criminal penalties. So just don’t go there.

Bottom line

Look, we’re not trying to be all doom and gloom. If you’re an Illinois job hunter,we just want you to be informed. We want you to avoid any potentially bad situations when it comes to mixing cannabis and employment. At the end of the day, assuming you’re a cannabis enthusiast (and we assume you are, since you’re reading this), you’re just better off in weed friendly industries. If you can, try to find a work place that is as pro cannabis as possible. Like any other part of the job hunt, you have to decide what’s the right fit. And an employer’s position on cannabis is a legitimate part of that.