Illinois Cannabis Coffee: Where To Get Weed Infused Java

Illinois Cannabis Coffee: Where To Get Weed Infused Java

If you’re like us, the very first thing you do in the morning is make that cup of strong, freshly brewed coffee. Some of us really need it to get going in the a.m. to start the day off right. Additionally, there’s nothing better than that awesome java after a great dinner, or paired with that right dessert, all to top off a satisfying meal. Just like everything this else in the edibles world, coffee products are now being infused with THC, and the results are getting good reviews. So, if you’re interested in pairing your coffee with cannabis, you’ll want to check this out. Here’s Illinois cannabis coffee: Where to get weed infused java:

What is cannabis infused coffee?

THC infused coffee is typically packaged into single-serve pods, compatible with a Keurig machine. You’ll usually find the coffees infused with 10mg to 50mg doses of cannabis. As a result, you’ll get the caffeine buzz combined with the THC effect. Depending on the dosage you choose, effects will of course vary. Typically though, you’ll get a mellow buzz, after about 30 minutes or so.

So what kind of cannabis coffee is available in Illinois?

You can get a number of CBD coffees all over the country, many of which you can get via shipping. We will cover that in future articles, but for now we want to stay focused on THC based coffee. So here’s what you can get:


According to their website, CannaCafe makes premium award winning coffee products, infused with the highest quality cannabis sourced from in-house hand watered plants. All coffees are accurately dosed, as well as 100% organic. Their sativa (more cerebral) strains are used for their caffeinated products, and indica (more relaxing) strains are used for their decaffeinated products.

In addition to Illinois, you can also find CannaCafe’s products in Colorado and Washington. They have plans to expand to additional states in the future. Here’s where to find CannaCafe’s coffees in Illinois dispensaries.

Bottom Line

So as we’ve said many, many times, and we’re going to say again, please make sure you adher to these best practices when ingesting edibles. You can always add, but you can’t take away, so start conservatively. Especially when you are mixing cannabis with a stimulant such as caffeine, you’re going to want to do it slowly. As we we said before, it typically takes about 30 minutes, sometimes as long as 60 minutes, to feel the full effect of an edible or drinkable. So as long as you’re cautious, you should be ok. Enjoy!