If You Need To Save On Illinois Weed, Here’s Deals

If you need to save on Illinois weed

We know that Illinois cannabis users continue to run into issues finding affordable product. We remain at one of the highest taxed states for legal cannabis in the country. As a result, customers experience this trickle down effect in prices, without any end yet in sight. But the good news is that you can find discounts, if you know where to look. We’ve got some info to make it a little easier. So if you need to save on Illinois weed, here’s deals.

So how did you find these?

They’re out there. You can take the time to find them yourself at various dispensaries and vendors, but that can get very time consuming. Even more so if you’re looking for something specific. So let’s make it a little faster for you. Check these out:


Greenhouse is having a great deal this week, but you need to get on it asap as it’s time limited. The deal is 20% off of hidden gems. What are these hidden gems? They include flower, live resin, edibles, and more. Brands include Cresco, Rythm, Ieso, and Verano. The deal is good throughout all of Greenhouse’s locations, which are all over the state. Check it out here as soon as you can, because the special ends March 7th.


Rise Dispensaries are having a few specials this week. You can take advantage of a price drop on &Shine Shake. Specifically, this includes Popcorn, at $95 per quarter, or $180 per half ounce, and Shake, at $60 per quarter. The Naperville location is also having a clearinghouse deal on a variety of products, from brands such as Aeriz, Bedford Grow, and Beboe. You can find similar deals at the Niles location, as well as at the downstate stores such as Effingham.


Remember when we told you about Consume, and their new Illinois flagship dispensary? They’re having some worthwhile deals this week. You can get selected edibles, for $30 and under, while supplies last. They also have some buy and save programs that are worth looking into, to see if they’re a good fit for you. And in addition to the Chicago metro locations, you can also shop at Consume in the Marion and Carbondale, Illinois locations, as well as those in Michigan.


You can find moca in Chicago, in the Logan Square and River North neighborhoods. They’re a good dispensary to check out if you’re hoping to get random, pop-up deals on a variety of items. This week, you can find 10% off of a variety of tinctures. These discounts never last long at moca, so if tinctures are your thing, get on it now.


Cresco’s dispensary chain is having a 10% off deal this week, at all of their Illinois locations. Save on a variety of products, including flower, shake, popcorn, and more. You can find Sunnyside locations throughout Chicagoland, Rockford, and Danville. If you like Cresco products, and want to save money on them whenever possible, Sunnyside is always a place to keep on your list.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact that Illinois weed prices are still high, you see that you can find some deals. As the market matures and legalizes on a federal level, we’re going to see a considerable market adjustment. Expect to see more of these developments unfold over the year, and look for this post to update as news changes.