If you need the latest trends in cannabis

If you need the latest trends in cannabis

We talk a lot about what you buy and where, when it comes to pot in Illinois and beyond. But we know some of you are on the business side, and you’re looking for something else. Are you in the industry? Maybe you’re running or growing a startup, and looking for relevant info to stay on top of the business? We’ve got something for you, if you need the latest trends in cannabis.

So what have you got?

We’ve launched Cannabese, our new b2b subscription newsletter. Featuring five curated articles, 3 days a week, from top publications on consumer trends in cannabis. This is different from the news articles or business opportunities we’ve shared in the past, as this is a newsletter is curated from other sources. And we want to make it worth your time to check out.

Why? I’ve got enough to read and get too many emails.

Of course you do, but again, this is quick info you can really use. Five links on cannabis business trends, three days a week. Nothing more. So if you’re in the business, particularly a new company, you’ll find it useful.

These all lead to stories about cannabis industry trends from publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, as well as stories from industry mags such as Weed Week. We also link to studies and infographics when we see something worthwhile we want to share with you. You might even get some ideas.

Are you charging for this?

Not yet… So get on our list while you can.

Fine. So how do we check it out, if we’re interested?

Read a sample issue, subscribe and stay ahead of what weed lovers want here.

And what else?

As things continue to open up, stay with us for upcoming events, travel guides, and other activity based content. Now that the quarantines and social distancing are getting into the rear view mirror, it’s going to be interesting to see where the culture goes from here, and what emerges from all of this. Pent up demand, indeed.