How To Vote To Legalize It With This Awesome One Stop Shop

How To Vote To Legalize It With This Awesome One Stop Shop

You don’t need us to tell you how historic a year 2020 has already been. The 2020 election is no exception. Along with many other things, the election is going to set the future of marijuana policy reform. If you’re a registered voter, and you’re in one of the key states, you’ll get to vote on adult use or medical. You probably already knew that. But in addition, you may also have the chance to vote on candidates for local, state, and federal races, who support legalizing cannabis. So, if you want help making sense of all of this using a reliable resource, you’re in luck. Here’s how to vote to legalize it with this awesome one stop shop:

So what’s this amazing resource?

NORML Election Central, which just launched in August, is a central hub for learning about the races and candidates involving cannabis legalization. You can learn how to register to vote, update your registration, learn about state ballot initiatives, and candidate positions.

Four states are voting on legalizing responsible adult-use. A number of other states are voting on medical cannabis programs, and what those policies will look like, if enacted. Additionally, pro-legalization candidates are up for office nationwide, at various levels. So if you want to have your say, this is where to get the details. Also note: You can also find out who is anti cannabis legalization, or how they split hairs in their support for which types of legislation.

Did you know that roughly two-thirds of American voters, back legalizing cannabis? While that’s great news, and it’s been great for the economy, creating jobs, it only matters if you show up to the polls and actually VOTE. So as a result, NORML launched this resource in order to have all of us get educated on the issues, races, and candidates. Check it out, and make your voice heard!