How to pair Illinois Cannabis with Food

How to pair Illinois Cannabis with Food

So we’re all doing a lot more cooking at home these days due to COVID-19 home quarantines. We here in Illinois are no exception. Since we’re going to spend a lot more time in the house, we need to up our food prep game. One cool thing is learning how to enjoy marijuana along with our meal choices. This is not to be confused with cannabis infused food – it’s more about pairings. So here’s some tips on how to pair Illinois Cannabis with food:

How to pair Illinois Cannabis with Food

1. Know your terpenes

What are terpenes, you ask? Terpenes are the compounds that give food and cannabis their scent and flavor. Training yourself to learn all of the varieties and differences in the smells and flavors is your first step. Once you’ve done this for both food and cannabis, you’ll have an easier time figuring out which strains to put with which dishes.

2. Train your senses

You know how weed strains have distinctive names? Ones like Lemon Pie, Liquid Butter, Mango Kush, and so on? These names come from their unique, dominant flavors. Whether or not you’re looking for deals, learn these profiles, and train your nose and palate to recognize the subtleties.

Also, your personal preferences are what really matters here. What do you like? What’s going to taste good to you, or not? Try mixing up different flavor combos. There’s no right or wrong, so have fun with it and try creative things.

3. Balance your flavors

If you’re into food or wine, you already know how to complement your flavors and aromas well. Pairing food and cannabis is really no different. For example, you can balance the flavor of your food you’re eating by smoking a similar tasting strain, or go another way by using a contrasting flavor.

Your pairings are not going to be perfect, especially if you’re just getting started, so don’t worry about it. Start by figuring out which scents and flavors you like, and make adjustments along the way. Focus more on the food you enjoy, and using the cannabis to enhance the experience, regardless of the strain you pick. Remember, the pairings are just there to make the experience even more enhanced, so get creative and have fun.


We’re going to be inside for a while, cooking for ourselves. Some of us much more so, than what we’ve been used to doing in the past. So, in the spirit of making the best of things, let’s do what we can to simply make it more enjoyable. Let’s hang in there and we will get through this before we know it.