How To Make Money Smoking Weed Legally

How To Make Money Smoking Weed Legally

So believe it or not, you’ve got opportunities to make money that never existed before. As legal adult use cannabis expands, you’re going to find jobs out there that you never thought you’d see in your lifetime. You’ve got to read the fine print carefully, and make sure you qualify. That said, these are opportunities worth looking into. So here’s how to make money smoking weed legally:

So how do you really get a job smoking legal cannabis?

Have you heard of clinical trials? This is a real thing, headed up by the NIH. Specifically, this is done through the U.S. National Library of Medicine. If you need the work right now, check it out. As a lot of people are looking for income, due to record unemployment, these are gigs worth considering. Here’s some examples of the kinds of studies they recruit for:

1. An eye tracking sensor that tests how high you are

You’ll see that a lot of these studies relate to testing the effects of marijuana, after you’ve smoked it. This particular one relates to how effective an eye tracking sensor is at detecting how impaired you are, after partaking in THC. The study’s goal is to see how good the sensor is, and as a result, that’s how you can help by participating.

2. How cannabis affects sperm count

Yep, this one is real too. You may have seen the controversy in the medical community as to how much consuming cannabis affects the sperm count. So, here’s a trial. If you like your marijuana, and you want to start a family at some point, you’ll probably be very interested in this one. Whether or not you participate, you’ll probably want to keep an eye on the findings.

3. Driving under the influence of cannabis

This one is self explanatory, and obviously pretty high on the list. This study’s whole purpose is to measure how THC affects your driving, and for how long. As we legalize cannabis in more and more states, and eventually nationwide, we need to understand this. How much THC can we have in our systems, legally and medically, and still get behind the wheel responsibly? Another one to keep your eye on over time.

Bottom line

When you look into these opportunities, you’ll find them here, taking place all over the U.S. and Canada. It’s best to get on their list and keep up to date as to when they’re launching, where, and if you qualify. Overall, this is a good way to make some extra money, assuming you’re a cannabis enthusiast. Good luck, if you decide to pursue it!