How To Have A Weed Happy Valentine’s Day

How To Have A Weed Happy Valentine's Day

Can you believe it’s that time of year already? Yep, we’re past the holidays, Groundhog’s Day, the Superbowl, and now we’re here. Doesn’t it feel like it’s the last signpost before we get to spring? Before we get to longer days, March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, the Equinox, and so on? Anyway, not to digress too much, because February 14th is right around the corner, and we have news. Assuming you want to combine two of your favorite things, your loved one and your love of cannabis, we have some ideas. Here’s how to have a weed happy Valentine’s Day.

Wait, aren’t the options still limited this year as to what we can do?

Yeah, they’re still limited. However, we’ve got pandemic proof suggestions. Consider these are still great options, even when things get back to normal.

THC infused dining clubs

Here in Illinois, weed lovers can choose from a number of cannabis supper clubs. Many of them are offering Valentine’s Day specials. For example:

Mateo’s Pot

One of our favorites, Mateo’s Pot, is having a Valentine’s Day special on Saturday February 13th, in conjunction with Puff, Pass, and Paint. Bring your significant other out for an evening of painting, good music, and good edibles, in a creative, medicated atmosphere. Now, note that due to the pandemic, the art instructor will not be physically present, and will teaching the class via zoom. That said, it should still be an amazing time. Learn more and buy tickets here.

Herbal Notes

Make reservations for a Valentine’s Day themed brunch or dinner this weekend with Herbal Notes’s themed series, Herbal Lovers. Their brunch, for example, includes a 5 course menu. The food will be minimally dosed with full-spectrum botanical herbs and spices. Your tickets also include a cocktail tasting, as well as access to exclusive pop-ups within the event. Get the details here.

Hosted and Toasted

Need a good gift? How about Chocolate Dipped Fruit in the shape of a Bouquet? If that appeals to you, you’re in luck. You can find that right here and more, from this Chicago area caterer of weed infused food. Hosted and Toasted’s other options include Passionfruit Potion with 100mg of THC, topped with pomegranate seeds. Finish that off with the 20mg Spill the Tea Bombs, made with high quality tea, dried flowers and edible glitter. Yum.

Weed friendly activities

Want a weed friendly, fun activity to do with your loved one? Something that doesn’t require you to leave the house? No worries, you’re not alone, and you have options.

Puff, Pass & Paint

We mentioned this one in partnership with Mateo’s Pot’s Valentine’s Day events. But did you know that Puff, Pass & Paint offers virtual events as well, on their own? They’re offering a Valentine’s Day package for 2, in which they come to you. Here’s how it works: The class is virtual, and they deliver the supplies directly to your door in advance. Each painting kit includes supplies for TWO people for one class, so you can enjoy and indulge in the comfort of your home with a loved one. Learn more details and get booking info here.

Cannabis friendly intimacy

Yep, that’s a thing. When you’re done with your dinners and activities, and you’re ready for things to get more intimate, you can heighten the experience with cannabis.


We’ve talked about this one in the past. Sundara is a THC infused lubricant and topical to help set the mood. Simply put, it’s designed to enhance intimacy, stimulate, heal and deepen pleasure. It’s lightly scented and organic, using all-natural oils. Sundara’s goal is for this to be a luxurious lubricant, essentially a multi-purpose topical, safe & healing. Check out our original post for more details, including where you can get it here.

1906 Drops

Remember when we told you about 1906 Drops? To jog your memory, these drops are pills designed to be a THC toolkit providing plant-based experiences to optimize the mood you’re seeking. Their Love Drops for Arousal line is a blend of five herbal aphrodisiacs and cannabis to boost arousal. Each Love Drop contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. To get more details, including where to buy them locally, click here.

And what else?

If you’re not here in Illinois, check out our directory for THC infused dining across the country. You’ll find a list including all states offering legal adult use cannabis; a list which gets updated often. You should also be able to find which clubs are having weed infused Valentine’s Days specials, and more. And if you want more info on cannabis options to enhance intimacy, be sure to read our article on the best strains for sex.

Overall, please be safe, and make smart choices. Otherwise enjoy yourself, regardless of what you do and with whom you do it. Have a weed happy Valentine’s Day!