How To Get Into This Secret Cannabis Supper Club

How To Get Into This Secret Cannabis Supper Club

Ah, weed infused dining. We love it, and know you do too. The possibilities are endless and seem to expand every day. As more states legalize, more and more edibles infusers find it easier to operate. And one of the wonderful things about edibles chefs is that they’re not in it for the money. Money is a necessary component, no doubt, but their main goal is the plant. Their mission is how to make THC more palatable in tasty foods. Or how to offer medicinal solutions in the best way possible. They pursue endless options in combining food chemistry with cannabis, attempting to make the tastiest, most enjoyable experiences possible.

These are these chefs’s priorities, especially in the clubs they operate. But most of these places are still a bit under the radar, especially in states in which legal cannabis is… in a gray area. So, if you happen to be traveling, here’s how to get into this secret cannabis supper club.

Traveling? Where is this place? Where do I have to go?

Not that far, relax. It’s still in the U.S. We’re talking about Georgia. The city of Atlanta, in particular. We’ve found a cool up and coming THC infused dining option to tell you about, worth considering.

Again, a bit of a gray area. According to Norml, marijuana is not a scheduled substance, but is regulated under the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. So it’s not exactly in the same place as Illinois or Michigan, let alone California or Colorado. That said, there’s a lot of speculation that will change soon, especially with the U.S. Senate balance having recently changed with the election of two new senators from Georgia. As a result, look for federal legalization to gain some serious momentum this year.

Ok cool. But what’s the deal with this secret cannabis supper club?

Check it out below. Again, the reason it’s still somewhat “secret” is because legalization is still in progress. So keep it on your radar for when legalization officially takes place:

High Five Supper Club

This caterer bills itself as a secret infused dining event in Atlanta, Georgia, connecting like-minded people with infused cuisine in an intimate setting. Services include hosting private dinners of up to 12 guests, every other month or so. They also offer private dinner services for groups of people who want to host in their home, catering services for private events. and one-off dishes.

Examples of their dishes include Loaded Wedge Salad with THC Ranch, Seared Scallops with THC-Infused Herb Butter Sauce, Creamy Cauliflower Mash & Garlic Asparagus, and THC-Infused Chocolate Cake Pops with a Creamy Candy Coating & Sprinkles. Interested? Check out more details, including how to book their services, on their Instagram.

Sounds great. But does it really need to be secret?

It really does, since the law is such a cluster right now. Even secret cannabis clubs that operate in legal states don’t want to let just anyone in. You have to be able to play nice with others, know how to act, and have an open mind when it comes to THC cuisine. Proprietors of these clubs have to manage their operations carefully, to make sure they provide their guests a safe, enjoyable experience.

And what else?

We hope that all of you are reading this with the best of intentions in mind, with the goal of supporting small businesses. For any potential narcs out there, please focus on something more worthwhile, such as the opioid epidemic instead… Otherwise, for the rest of our readership, please check back on this and the rest of our posts, as they will update often as needed.