How to get Delta 8 infused food in Chicago

How to get Delta 8 infused food in Chicago

As you probably know by now, Delta 8 THC is the loophole when it comes to getting legal weed in certain places. Whether you want to get it online, delivered, or when you’re out and about, it’s a good go-to resource. If you like your edibles, and you’re in Illinois, here’s how to get Delta 8 infused food in Chicago.

Is Delta 8 THC is legal now?

It’s not exactly legal, but it’s not illegal… At least yet. Since Delta 8 is derived from the hemp part of the plant, rather than the marijuana part, it falls under a different set of laws. That said, many entities with a vested interest are trying to change the law as we speak. Whether or not they eventually succeed remains to be seen, but it’s good to stay on top of these developments so that you stay on the legal side of things.

So where do you get it in Chicago?

A few of these are places we’ve covered in the past, but we’ve also got a few new ones. The list is growing, so expect to see more soon:

Kuma’s Corner

The notorious burger restaurant added Delta 8 to the menu earlier in the year. If you’re 21 or older, you can order Delta 8 infused items such as their house mayo, mocktails, vegan gummy Kuma bears, chocolate, and even enhanced pre-rolled hemp joints. They’re only available at the Avondale, West Loop, and Schaumburg locations, so plan before you go. Also know that you’ll be limited to under 50mgs of Delta-8 while you’re dining in, but you can take as many enhanced souvenirs home with you as you want.

Oromo Cafe

The Lincoln Square location of this establishment, serving contemporary food menu with a variety of small plates, salads, and sandwiches is launching ELEV8TED soon, which will be serving Delta-8 THC and CBD infused drinks and pastries. Watch their site for site for more details.

Wake N Bacon

You’ve got to love a place that’s located at 420 W. Belmont. This diner located in Lakeview offers locally sourced, fresh ingredients from local suppliers. They’re a bit cryptic about the Delta 8 and CBD content in their menu, but it’s worth going down there in person to check out what they have to offer. Get more details on their site.

Canna Cafe

We’ve covered this West Loop eatery before, which also recently opened a location in Elk Grove Village. Highly rated for their Kush Fries, you need to plan accordingly if you go. Lines can be long and it can be difficult to get a table without a reservation. Check out the Chicago Dream smoothie, if you make the trip.

Wake N Bakery

This Wrigleyville cafe was the first place in the city to openly serve Delta 8. Whether you’re looking for scones, pizzas, drinks, or more, you can find something you’ll love. You’ll also want to plan as to when you go here, as the lines can be long, especially when the Cubs are playing.

What else?

If you’re looking to just order Delta 8 edibles online, 3Chi is a good bet. The beauty of Delta 8 is that since it’s not illegal, you can order online, and get it shipped over state lines. At least, for now. So take advantage of it while you can.