How To Get Amazing Weed Lube In The Midwest

How To Get Amazing Weed Lube in the Midwest

You can find all kinds of creative, wacky cannabis products on the market today. Regardless of what you’re into, or how you like to consume your weed, you can get something you’re happy with. And if you’re not into ingesting it? No problem. You can get topical THC stuff, body oils, and so on. These oils aim to help you with everything from relaxation to your sex life. Yep, your sex life. You’ll be happy to know that you can get top quality product right here in this part of the country. Here’s how to get amazing weed lube in the Midwest:

So what is it, and where can I get it?

As you know, from reading our columns, you can get some pretty crazy marijuana products out there, and some fairly popular trends. But cannabis lube is on a whole other level. Why? Because it’s medicinal and you know, recreational, at the same time. Check it out:


Foria produces an award winning sex and intimacy collection designed to enhance intimacy, available for purchase throughout the country. The products are all natural, organic, and plant-based, with the goal of helping users to have better sex. Choose from Awaken Arousal Oil, CBD Sex Oil lubricant, sensual hemp-infused bath salts, and more. Get more details and purchasing info here.


Welcome to Sundara. Artemis Brands developed this product to help enhance intimacy for women. As a result, it’s become one of the most popular THC lubricants on the market today, as it stimulates, heals and deepens pleasure. The lube is lightly scented, and uses all-natural oils.

Artemis makes the product with organic ingredients, in turn creating a luxurious lubricant & multi-purpose topical, designed to be safe and healing. It boosts arousal with one or two droppers (1ML) to intimate areas. Each dosage contains 185mg of THC, available for purchase at these locations throughout Michigan. Here’s where to find it, the closest to Chicago.

Bottom Line

Stay with us as these products expand in number, quality, and variety as the market matures. Whether you need amazing weed lube in the Midwest, or other products for gift ideas, we will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest. Whether it’s THC infused dining, prepackaged edibles, or ideas for when you’re traveling, we’ve got you covered. So check back often.