How To Find The Best Cannabis Camping Nearest Chicago

How To Find The Best Cannabis Camping Nearest Chicago

Going camping is one of the best reasons to get outside of the city, right? Whether you like glamping or you want something more rustic, you can find something right for you. What you may not know is that 420 friendly options are getting more popular all over the country, including the Midwest. Here’s how to find the best cannabis camping nearest Chicago.

So these sites let you smoke weed on the premises?

Yes they do, that’s the whole idea. And you’re not restricted to doing it in your tent, either. Which frankly, isn’t even a good idea in the first place.

Willow Springs Campground & Venue

This campsite in Tamms, Illinois is a campgrounds site and outdoor venue all in one. Not only is it weed friendly, a place in which you can smoke and vape out in the open, but it’s also a place to see music. Once every season Willow Springs hosts a fest featuring a huge array of local talent, along with food, vendors, and more. The owners built the site in memory of their daughter, who they tragically lost in 2019. They wanted to create a place in which everyone is welcome. If you want to check out Southern Illinois, this is a great place to consider.

Camp Buds

Located near Lake City, Michigan, these folks boast a “6,000 acre private campground with 20 acre camp plots.” So if you’re looking to get some personal space, you’ll get it here. The site says that they’re located in Southern Michigan, but it’s really closer to the central part of the state. That said, it’s about 4 hours from Chicago, so it’s a relatively quick trip. Sign up for personalized excursions and more.

Camp Happy Trees

Right in the Manistee National Forest, in Northern Michigan, this is a straight up 420 friendly campsite for adults 21 and up. If you want a true camping experience, complete with porta potties and wildlife, you’ll get it here. You’ll only be 20 minutes from 4 rivers, whether you want to kayak, swim, or just float in the water. Take advantage of photo ops and a community area for bonfires. If you like something more rustic, check this one out.

Coming next

420 Friendly B&Bs in the Midwest are growing. We’ve covered them in the past, and now there’s even more to add to the list. Be sure to check back soon so you can get the latest.