Hey Illinois, need funding for your cannabis startup?

Hey Illinois, need funding for your cannabis startup? Check out the options below to see if anything in turn might look like a fit. You have huge opportunities to enter the market, because we’re on the ground floor. As a result, now is the time to look into potential investors. So, hey Illinois, need funding for your cannabis startup?

Dynamic Alternative Finance

Dynamic Alternative Finance provides non-bank funding solutions for marijuana, hemp, and ancillary businesses. Their website states: “We specialize in sourcing equipment, real estate and working capital loans. This is all for cannabis, hemp, and alternative industries. Our expert knowledge, experience, professionalism and creativity allow us to find the funding you need, when you need it.”

Find out more on how to apply for funding, and in turn, get investment for your business here.

Privateer Holdings

Their website begins with, “Privateer Holdings is a private equity firm shaping the future of the legal cannabis industry. We have a combination of acquisitions, investments and incubation. We’re focused on building a portfolio of global brands. These brands will lead, legitimize and define the future of cannabis.”

Reach out to them regarding submitting your business plan. As a result, you might get considered for funding. Click here.

Tuatara Capital

Their website states, “Tuatara is a sector-focused private equity firm. We’re dedicated to helping great companies realize their vision in the burgeoning cannabis industry. We seek to build a portfolio of trailblazing innovators led by exceptional management teams.”

If you want to learn more about their investment criteria, so that you might get funding, click here.

Casa Verde

So Snoop Dogg owns this firm. As cool as that is, there’s more. Their site tells us, “Casa Verde Capital (CVC) is the leading venture capital firm focusing exclusively on the cannabis industry. We also focus on related business ventures. CVC maintains a view that the cannabis industry will be among the most compelling investment themes of our generation.¬†We’re primarily aimed at ‘not touching the plant.’ CVC invests in the legal, scalable “picks and shovels,” that support the expanding industry.”

For more information on funding opportunities, and how to qualify, click here.

Bottom Line

Consider these 4 investors if you’re looking for funding. However, remember an important rule. The best way to attract funding is to prove your business model first. Build something up, growing through revenue and bootstrapping, because you’ll show investors that you’ve got something that can be scaled. As a result, they’ll be interested in discussing further.

In addition to that, keep checking back with us, as we’ll have more info for you. Expect to see much more, especially as legalization spreads beyond Illinois and beyond in 2020!