Here’s Where To Get On-Demand Weed In Michigan Now

Here's Where To Get On-Demand Weed In Michigan Now

One of the fastest growing areas of adult use cannabis is in delivery. Especially in these Covid-19 times, the more conveniences we can get, the better. And we can get it on the fly? Sold. Right? So as a result, these kinds of services are growing. Here’s the latest – and this will interest those of you in the Midwest. Here’s where to get on-demand weed in Michigan now:

So what’s the deal with weed delivery?

Just like everything else in recreational and medical use cannabis, it’s complicated. While cannabis delivery is not yet legal here in Illinois, many services are offering it for when the law changes. Each state is different. And Michigan is one of them.

What kind of service is Michigan offering?

Are you in the Metro Detroit area? If you are, you’re in luck. You can now order recreational marijuana delivered straight to you through online ordering. The site Lantern is now partnering with the Michigan cannabis group 3Fifteen to process and deliver orders. You can get flower, concentrates and edibles and have it brought straight to your home within an hour.

Think of this like Uber for weed. You’ve been able to get cannabis delivery in Michigan for some time now, but this is new. As a result, you can now get your cannabis “ubered” to you in Detroit, Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. Lantern also plans to eventually expand to cities such as Grand Rapids and Battle Creek. This is a pretty huge deal, since Michigan is only the second state in which Lantern is offering this service – the first was Massachusetts.

So what’s the fine print, if any?

If you get a weed delivery through Lantern, remember that it will need to comply with Michigan cannabis laws. So what that means is, you can’t exceed 2.5 ounces of flower, or 15 grams of concentrate. Additionally, the usual applies – you need to be over 21 years old, and have a valid photo identification upon delivery. You’ll also need to order a minimum of $50 worth of product. But hey, you can probably do that quite easily. Oh, and the delivery is free.

So what now?

It’s interesting to note, that Lantern is a sister company to Drizly. If you’re familiar with Drizly, you know that they are an on-demand alcohol delivery service currently operating in several states. So that being the case, look for Lantern to expand its offerings to additional states, as soon as the law allows. Also look for additional operators to enter the space, and expect it to get quite competitive.