Here’s the first Cannabis Lounge in Illinois

Here’s Illinois’s First Ever Cannabis Lounge

If you’ve been following the news, you know that Illinois is rolling out recreational marijuana slowly. Some experts say this is so the state can control the market, so we don’t have the same problems that Oregon has been facing. In addition, the state has been controlling public consumption pretty tightly. What this means is, you can’t consume weed in public – yet. But all of that is changing. Pretty soon, you’re going to be able to buy and consume marijuana at the same place in Illinois. Here’s the first cannabis lounge in Illinois.

Here’s the first Cannabis Lounge in Illinois

Illinois Supply & Provisions, formerly HCI Alternatives, has applied to open a consumption lounge. The lounge will be connected to its dispensary location in downtown Springfield at the intersection of 7th and East Adams Streets. The Springfield City Council approved the lounge earlier in the year. Details are coming out in the coming weeks, including the opening date, which may be as soon as April.

This is an important development in Illinois. These lounges are supposed to provide some safety for consumers over 21, who want to consume a legal product. The goals is that people will be responsible, and treat it the same way if they go downtown to a bar. Public cannabis use is still prohibited in Illinois, including on the street, in parks, bars, restaurants and hotels. So, these lounges are going to give pot enthusiasts a place to go.

Under the Smoke Free Illinois Act, the only public places in which cities can allow weed use are pot dispensaries or smoke shops. That is, those that make more than 80 percent of their revenue from tobacco sales. So, expect to see more of these lounges and cafes come on line, in partnership with their dispensaries. We will be here to provide you the list of the latest ones, just like we do with everything else. Cheers!