Here’s the best weed lounges around downstate Illinois

best weed lounges in and around downstate Illinois

When it comes to legal adult use cannabis in Illinois, we all tend to focus on Chicago. Sometimes we do this to a fault, neglecting the rest of our state and the what it has to offer in weed culture. We’ve got a lot more than just the Windy City, particularly if you take a trip to the southern part of the state. Here’s the best weed lounges around downstate Illinois.

Why downstate Illinois?

Because given Southern Illinois‘s proximity to both the Chicago and St. Louis areas, you tend to have that many more options within a decent driving distance. Not only that, but cities and towns outside of Chicago tend to have more flexibility in how they approach legal cannabis, and the businesses they allow to operate.

Check out the following:

The Cola Lounge

One of the first weed clubs in the state of Missouri, this St. Louis lounge’s tagline is “Where Buds Meet.” They consider themselves to be St Louis’s premier consumption lounge and community space. One caveat to keep in mind, however, is that this is a is a private members only establishment, and you’ll need to have an MMJ card in order to get in. There’s also talk of the club expanding their hours and membership options in early fall of 2021, so be sure to check out their site to get all of the details.

Green Lyfe

If you’re ambitious enough to go to Columbia, Missouri, and you’ve got an MMJ card, put this place on your list. It’s only two hours from St. Louis, so it’s doable. The club hosts a full calendar of elevated events, and they also have an onsite lodge if you want to extend your stay. With Amish made furniture throughout, and hot coffee every morning, you can’t go wrong. More info here.

Luna Lounge

In Sesser, Illinois’s first official pot consumption club is opening this summer, after some false starts. We’ve posted about in the past, and it’s going to be a big deal. Look for live entertainment options, an attached storefront called “The Joint,” and more.

What’s next

More plans for downstate Illinois cannabis lounges include repurposing a former AMC theatre, turning it into a dispensary, greenhouse and a consumption lounge. Expect to see these types of all-inclusive properties grow.

In addition, the THC infused food scene is expanding in Missouri, as well as in Michigan. Look for more consumption lounges to pop up in these regions.

And as always, check back on this post, as it will update as needed.