Here Are The Best Cannabis Strains in Illinois

Here Are The Best Cannabis Strains in Illinois

Hey, everybody, we’re continually updating this post, so keep checking back… Hope everyone is holding up ok during these crazy times. We sincerely wish that you are all safe, healthy, practicing social distancing, and staying on top of the news as it develops. We will be on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis before we know it. So as you hunker down at home and get through this, we still want to give you valuable info. When the crisis passes, here are the best cannabis strains in Illinois.

So what these strains?

Here’s what we’ve got:

1. Ataraxia Gelato

The Gelato strain originated in San Francisco, where it was first sold. It is a hybrid strain, containing both sativa and indica. Generally speaking, indica will relax you, and sativa strain will energize you. Illinois’s version is Ataraxia Gelato. The strain’s flavor is minty and fruity in the same way as gelatin. This is a consistently, highly rated cannabis strain.

2. G6

This cannabis strain is an excellent choice, if you’re looking for something highly recommended and extremely dominant. G6’s effect comes from the sativa strain. The buds are intact, dank, and give off a pungent, sweet scent. Think earth tones and citrus. This is a very smokable strain. The buds taste sweet with a berry undertone.

3. DJ Short Flo

The DJ Short Flo strain is known for being sativa heavy, as well as a dominant hybrid. It tastes like purple Gatorade, and is originally from Springfield, so we’ve got some downstate representation there. It is also known for being a reliable strain. So if you are looking for good flavor and high quality, check this one out.

4. Lime Sorbet

One of the best, most highly rated cannabis strains that you can find in the whole State of Illinois is the Lime Sorbet. This is an indica strain. It is also a top caliber cannabis strain, one that you can go to for euphoria and relaxation. If you are looking for a good, relaxing strain, one to help with anxiety, then this could be a good strain for you.

5. Cherry Hash 

The Cherry Hash strain has a reputation for being amongst one of the harsher cannabis strains. So, this one is for users who can endure the smoking of the strain, to get to the highly euphoric effects afterwards. The flavor is said to be heavy on the tropical fruit side.

6. Last But Not Least…

The strongest strain in Illinois, to date!

7. But One More Thing…

Check out the latest out of state options now available.


So when you can get back into the dispensaries, check out the above through our list of directories. We’ve got you covered here and here, and downstate here and here. And until then, stay healthy and safe!