Good news – this 420 fest is now back

Good news - this 420 fest is now back

Events of all kinds are returning for the first time since 2019, and events in the cannabis industry are no exception. We in Illinois are in a unique position as we haven’t yet experienced a real, legalized weed festival and events culture. Covid took over the world weeks after Illinois legalized cannabis, so events of all kinds have sorely been lacking. But now all of that is changing. So here’s good news – this 420 fest is now back.

Which fest is this?

Dispensary 33’s annual Waldos Forever Fest, the 420 street fest that first debuted in 2018, is back. It was supposed to make a huge splash in 2020, the year that adult use weed legalized in Illinois. However, due to the pandemic, the fest was canceled. Now it’s back in its full block-party glory.

When and where is it?

You can attend 11am – 8pm on April 23rd outside the dispensary’s location at 5001 N. Clark in Chicago. The festival is free and open to anyone 21 and older.

What can I expect there?

Expect to find a full schedule of music and drag performances, cannabis friendly vendors, food, and immersive activations.

But can you smoke weed at Waldos Forever Fest?

Sadly, the answer is no. That may seem strange, but since the fest takes place in the City of Chicago, it’s subject to the city’s laws that prohibit smoking cannabis in public. Keep in mind, though, that there’s always other ways of discreetly ingesting.

How did the fest get its name?

Five California friends who referred to themselves as the “Waldos” would meet up at 4:20 p.m. every day after school. They’d smoke weed, hang out, and inspire the term “420” as the code word for pot. 420 is now such a popular and mainstream term that it’s basically interchangeable with weed, cannabis, and other pot culture jargon.

What other 420 news is coming up?

More fests as well as expos are scheduled for this year, with more on the way. Also on the way is a huge influx of new products, more than what we saw at the end of 2021. Some experts say that this is leading to an oversaturation in the legal market, and that the black market is making a huge comeback as a result. It will be interesting to see if, when and where this happens.

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