Get this strain in Missouri’s new medical cannabis market

Get this strain in Missouri's new medical cannabis market

So are you following the latest in Missouri cannabis? If you are, you know that the state is just about to legalize medical use. This is another much needed bright spot on the news horizon, adding to the cannabis presence in the Midwest, and throughout the country. As the state prepares to launch its medical marijuana market, we want to let you know what’s available. Get this strain in Missouri’s new medical cannabis market.

So what strain can you get in Missouri?

You can easily follow the latest in legalization news, and be the first to know as to when Missouri pulls the trigger. It should literally be anytime now. If you want to participate in the program, you need to be a state resident, apply for a medical use card, and follow the same rules and regs that you would in other states.

But back to the strain: Do you know of Blue Dream? It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, that originated in California. It’s become hugely popular on the West Coast amongst weed lovers. The strain basically combines Blueberry with Haze, so as a result, you get the best of both worlds from the cross pollinating. Think full on relaxation with a good balance of the cerebral. Whether you are new to cannabis use or you’re experienced, you’ll get into Blue Dream, which has a reputation of putting users at ease you gently into a calm euphoria. 

So why is Blue Dream so awesome for the Missouri market?

Blue Dream, which has a sweet, blueberry aroma, delivers many medicinal qualities. Not only that, but if you partake in this strain for symptom relief, you’ll be able to do so without any grogginess or sleepiness. Why is that a great thing? Because it makes the strain ideal for daytime use. Whether you need it for managing pain, depression, nausea, or other medical usages, Blue Dream is a good potential fit.

Also, with a THC level of 18.5%, you definitely get your money’s worth with this one. 

Bottom Line

We’ll know more about Missouri’s medical use launch shortly. When the state gives the market the green light, we’ll get a lot more info on strains available, where to get them, and so many other aspects that we cover elsewhere. Stay with us and we’ll keep you posted.