Get THC Infused Meal Delivery In Chicago Now

Get THC Infused Meal Delivery In Chicago Now

We love our weed infused food, and we know you do as well. As we continue to talk about it, we want to let you know all the options. You can now get everything from multi course dinners to ice cream in Illinois. And it’s all pretty great. So if you’re interested in having it brought to you, here’s where to get THC infused meal delivery in Chicago now:

What kind of cannabis cooking can you get in Illinois?

As we’ve discussed before, most of it is concentrated in the greater Chicagoland area. We’ve told you about the various cannabis supper clubs here, and the more recent ones that have since opened. Now some of them have pick up and yes, drop off options. Which is all kinds of awesome.

So where can I get it delivered?

Remember Herbal Notes, who we’ve profiled in the past, in the above links? They’re one of the best cannabis supper clubs in the Chicago area. Because of Covid, they’ve had to pivot, just as so many other places have had to. While you can still hire them to come to your home to cater small, private events within your bubble, they’ve expanded options. You can also pick up your order, or simply have it dropped off to you. They even offer non infused options, if that’s something you need.

Sounds good, so what’s the deal with delivery?

Just so you know, this is not like ordering a pizza. This is essentially having catering brought directly to your home, which you’ll then be able to set up yourself. Just know that you’ll need a 10 person minimum. Additionally, the menu typically consists of 3-7 courses, and the cost is per diner. You can discuss what type of menu you’d like, directly with them, including time, location, etc.

Can I order on the fly, or do I need to do so in advance?

You’re best off planning in advance. You should fill out the info on their website, including the date you’re thinking. Let them get back to you with availability.

And what else?

Other cool randomness about Herbal Notes… They’re launching an infused food documentary. It’s called, “Cookin Dope.” If you want to find out more, get on their mailing list here… Enjoy, and look for more of these kinds of options to be available elsewhere in Illinois, soon. Be sure to check back on this post, as it will update when possible.