Future Cannabis Delivery Services In Chicago

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There’s a lot of discussion about when cannabis delivery will be legalized in Chicago, and in Illinois overall. There’s been a big push for it since the COVID-19 crisis started. Supporters see this as a way of keeping stores afloat, and continuing to get patients what they need. While the legislation hasn’t moved forward yet, some services have taken it upon themselves to deliver legal cannabis. This is happening even though the delivery services in and of themselves are not yet legal. While we don’t endorse or recommend these services, we have made you aware of them. You can also keep the ones below on your radar for when delivery does become legal, as it has in other states. We’ve written about Illinois cannabis delivery in the past, and want to add to it. Here’s the latest on future cannabis delivery services in Chicago:

What are the services planning on cannabis delivery in Chicago?

As we said, this is informational only at this point to keep on your radar. We actually plan to launch our own delivery service when the legislation comes through, so know that this is only so that we keep you up to date on what’s going to be available at some point. So that said, keep up with the following, for when these companies expand into Illinois:

1. Dutchie

Order online from the best dispensaries in your area.

2. Get Nugg

On-demand cannabis delivery from trusted dispensaries.

3. Eaze

Offering the best products at affordable prices with the fastest delivery times.

4. Green Rush

Relax, weed’s on the way, is their mission statement. Choose from thousands of products in your area.

Bottom Line

We strongly recommend you do your due diligence before purchasing from any vendors, making sure they are who they say they are. You want to make sure you get what you pay for, and doing so in a legal way. Cannabis delivery in Illinois will officially become legalized sooner rather than later, especially as the economy starts to rebound and bounce back. So again, do the same research you do whenever you purchase any other product or service, making sure you get what you pay for, legally.