Fun Upcoming Chicago 420 Tours To Book Now

Want to launch a cool cannabis startup in Illinois?

No matter how dark things seem right now, we’ve got a light at the end of the tunnel. Things are changing. Things are going to get back to normal. We will have our lives back, and the time is coming. As we’ve said many, many times, one of the huge bright spots here in Illinois and beyond has been cannabis. Legal, adult use weed has been an explosive, positive constant to turn to, even in the worst of these trying times. Expect to see even more of a huge, pent up demand as we get past Covid, into 2021. We’ll see this development most of all in the events industry. So if you’re a planner, you’ll want to look ahead to make sure you can take advantage of these events. Here’s fun upcoming Chicago 420 tours to book now:

Wait, didn’t we talk about this once before?

Well, sure we did. But that was way back when, before the Covid crisis hit. Everything was put on hold. But things are starting to come back. So now is the time to start making plans, before everything gets booked up and sold out.

Ok great, so what are these fun Chicago 420 tours?

Chi High Tours is a new Chicago company providing – yep, you guessed it – tour packages for cannabis enthusiasts. If you want to learn about and experience legal adult weed in Chicago, this is the place to go. You’ll get an education on everything cannabis related, with opportunities to buy product at local dispensaries, experiencing Chicago’s cannabis culture and lifestyle.

Sounds great. So how soon can I get in on one of these tours?

According to their site, their tours are going to resume on March 11, 2021. The tours are 3 to 3.5 hours in duration, and start at anywhere from $99 to $119 per person. So now is the time to look into, and if possible, choose from these options:

1. Classic Educational Tour

Learn about cultivation, cannabis testing, and infused culinary samples with a knowledgeable tour guide. They will give you a 360-degree view of the cannabis world in Chicago. Learn more about this option here.

2. Chicago Culture and Cannabis Tour

On this trip, you will travel throughout the city, making two stops at Chicago’s top dispensaries, while also seeing Chicago’s top sites and hidden gems. You’ll start at the Chicago Cultural Center, meet your tour guide, and get a sample of a cannabis-infused treat provided by a local Chicago chef.

3. Beer Bud and Bites

This tour is for you if you want to focus on 3 things:  Chicago’s best breweries, Chicago-style food, and discovering the emerging adult-use cannabis scene. Hot dogs, pizza, and cupcakes will be involved. Check out the details here.

So what’s next?

What’s next is to look for more of these kinds of events in the coming months. Whether we’re talking Chicago 420 tours, or weed tours elsewhere in Illinois and beyond, we’ll see more of these in number and variety soon. Not only will this be great for us weed lovers, but it will also be huge for the economy. As a result, we’ll see more jobs, more recovery, and it will spiral upwards. Hang on. It’s coming.