Expanded Illinois Cannabis Job Training Program at Oakton

Expanded Illinois Cannabis Job

If you’ve been following all of our updates about working in the cannabis world, you know that opportunities been increasing quickly. Illinois is one of the leaders in weed industry jobs, with several of our schools offering new and varied programs. Oakton Community College, who has been ahead of the curve, is now offering a new program in addition to the one they’ve already launched. You’ll be able to enroll in this online certificate program that begins next month. Here’s the details on the expanded Illinois cannabis job training program at Oakton:

The classes are part of the Cannabis Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate, and launch on August 24th, and since we’re still in the middle of COVID, you’ll be able to take the online classes at in-state rates for the 14-semester hour certificate program. This program is in addition to the Cannabis Dispensary and Patient Care Specialist program that Oakton started in 2019.

Here’s the cool thing about the new program: You’ll be able to focus more on business management, especially as it relates to securely transporting and tracking cannabis. Transporting and delivery options are a huge, rapidly growing area of the industry, so this is something to keep an eye on. As cannabis manufacturers and producers continue to expand in number and variety, they’ll need reliable, skilled transporters to move product. They’ll need workers that are also well versed in the latest cannabis legalities and regulations. So look for demand to get bigger and bigger.

So if you want to take this classes, note that you’ll need to do it online. All of Oakton’s classes, like that of so many other schools, will only be offered remotely this fall. You’ll get in-state tuition rates, regardless of where you are, so that’s a plus during these uncertain times. If you want more info, you can go apply online and/or get in touch with admission’s office.

Expanded Illinois Cannabis Job Training

So what is it you want to see, in the cannabis job market? What kinds of opportunities do you see coming, that you’d like to be part of? We’d like to hear from you. Get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts. This is a fantastic time to get into the cannabis industry, and we want to be a resource. So let us know!