Chicagoland weed lounge just approved and coming soon

Chicagoland weed lounge just approved and coming soon

This is the one you all have been waiting for. Expect this to be the first of many: The very first Chicagoland weed lounge just approved and coming soon.

We’ve been talking about a lot of these lately, haven’t we? Here are the details on the latest one.

What is it

This suburban Chicago consumption lounge is coming from the Rise dispensary brand, the one owned by GTI. It’s coming to Mundelein, and it’s going to be a reservations-only space in which customers can consume (some) cannabis products.


Rise is building the lounge right next door to their Mundelein dispensary, connected by a hallway, at 1570 Baskin Road.

Details to know

You’ll be able to consume certain weed items onsite. For example, they’ll let you have flower, beverages, and concentrates. When you arrive, you can (of course) make your purchases at the shop next door. However, you won’t be able to consume edibles. Why? There’s talk that certain stakeholders are concerned with the delayed onset and unpredictability associated with edibles.

You won’t be able to consume alcohol, either.

Also, it’s unclear as to whether or not you’ll be able to bring in cannabis products that you’ve purchased elsewhere. Assume you’ll be highly encouraged to purchase from the dispensary next door.

Opening date

As of this writing, the opening date is TBA, but expect it to come sooner rather than later.

Are there any other Chicago area weed lounges opening yet?

Not yet, although some have opened downstate. But you might as well plan for it, especially if/when this one takes off. Despite some opposition, there’s just too much money in it.

What’s next?

Keep watching this space for a guide to weed lounges in the state, broken down by region and theme, if the lounge has one.

We’re finally seeing this concept take off in Illinois.