Chicago Weed Tours: Where to find Guided Cannabis Trips in the Windy City

Fun Upcoming Chicago 420 Tours To Book Now

Hey everybody. So one of the most fun things about legal cannabis is the chance to get out and about, and see what’s happening in various places. Places that cater to legal weed, that is. Like so many other things, it can be a great experience to do this in a tour setting, with a guide to show you the best. Colorado and California have had great success with this approach. The same thing is starting to take off here in Illinois. A few companies are already in the space. Want to know more? Here’s Chicago Weed Tours: Where to find Guided Cannabis Trips in the Windy City.

Sounds like fun. What are they?

These are the ones we’ve seen so far. Check them out and let us know what you think.

1. loopr

Loopr provides luxury cannabis tours in the Windy City. They combine flower, food, friends, and fun. You’ll visit grow houses, the best in Chicago dispensaries, cool night spots, awesome pizza places, and more. Some of the tours they offer include a Chicago Nightlife Tour, a Chicago Pizza and Pot Tour, and a Chicago 420 Bud and Beer Crawl. As you can probably imagine, spots are selling out quickly, so if you want to go on one of these tours, act fast. Find out more here.

2. Chicago Marijuana Tours

Chicago Marijuana Tours promise to take you to the first legal marijuana shops in Chicago, led by their hilarious tour guides. The tours begin at noon and arrive back at 4:20 (see what they did there?) They promise that you’ll laugh, learn, snack and smoke with other like minded people visiting Chicago. You’ll visit the top dispensaries in Chicago in their super comfortable tour bus. They promise to also provide tasty snacks and teach you trivia about Marijuana and the Windy City you did not know. Interested? Find out more info about pricing, dates, and options.


So these two tour companies are just the beginning of Chicago weed tours, and weed tours in general in Illinois. We’re also starting to see more events coming up, as well as lodging and other creatives usages of space for marijuana enthusiasts. We’ll be sure to let you know about those in the coming days, weeks, and months. Cheers!