Check Out The Pot In Illinois New Service Launch

Check Out The Pot In Illinois New Service Launch

Celebrating our kickoff, Pot In Illinois announces that our monthly subscription service is launching in January, 2021!

With an increasing number of buyers looking for ways to save money on cannabis, Pot In Illinois is responding with a resource.

Chicago, IL: 
Pot In Illinois has created an outlet for consumers who need to save money on legal adult use cannabis. In January 2021, the Pot In Illinois monthly subscription discount newsletter will be released.

Costing $4.99 per month, subscribers will have access to information that details dispensary, producer, and cannabis business discounts. The savings will be on a wide variety of products and services in Illinois and beyond. In addition, subscribers will have access to early information about flash sales, as well as exclusive deals.

At a time when cannabis consumers are concerned about the economy and household budgets, you need to find ways to save. For example, do you need to know where to get 20% off of edibles? Do you want to know where to find deals on your favorite strains? What about holiday specials? We at Pot In Illinois plan to be the resource that you can turn to. When you subscribe to our service, you will receive timely, relevant, and cost-saving information on cannabis.

Over the long term, Pot In Illinois will expand our service into additional areas. Additionally, look for the service to move into neighboring states beyond Illinois, with plans to eventually operate nationally.

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