Check out the latest cannabis cafe to come to Chicago

Check out the latest cannabis cafe to come to Chicago

Between rumors that Chicago could be fully open with no capacity limits by July 1st, and the ever expanding cannabis scene in town, this is a great time for pot in Illinois. Regardless of what you’re into and what form it takes, you have so much to choose from now. At the top of that list is in-person activities. Look for events, venues, festivals and more to start cropping up dramatically in the coming weeks. One of the newest developments is the expansion of lounges, all over Illinois. Check out the latest cannabis cafe to come to Chicago.

Where exactly is it?

Canna Cafe is located in the West Loop, which opened this spring. They offer decadent burgers, sandwiches, wraps, beverages, desserts and more, in both non vegan and vegan options. One of their specialties is the Canna Kush Fries; sweet potato fries loaded with cheddar cheese, chicken, avocado, jalapeno peppers and special chipotle sauce. Yum.

So are these items infused with cannabis? How are they doing this?

The food is infused – you have the choice of having it infused with hemp, or Delta 8, for an added upcharge. And if you remember the laws regarding Delta 8, then you know that this is legal, as of this writing.

Are they open for in-person service? Or just carry out?

You can order online in advance for pickup between 12-4:00pm, and dine in all day 12-7:00pm. You may walk up to order after 4:00pm till close.

Sounds cool, what else do they have to offer?

They offer an exclusive Sunday VIP package, which consists of 1 10-piece Wingz, 1 Fish Bowl 46oz Drink , 1 order of Kush Fries, 1 dessert and 1 pre-roll complimentary gift.

How much is all of this, and do I need reservations?

You can go to their site for more details, but you can probably get more updated info on their Facebook. Now just a heads up – we’ve heard reports of long lines to get in, on some days. So plan accordingly, and make reservations if you can, as cannabis cafes and lounges are increasingly popular everywhere.

And what else?

In case you missed it, we’ve covered other in-person options and activities within the last few months, so be sure to read up on those. After the well worn Covid delays, we’re all going to be getting out a lot more in the coming months, so we’ll be sure to let you know your options as we hear about them. As always, be sure to check back on this and our other posts, as they will update as needed.