Cannabis Supper Clubs in New York: Want Weed Infused Dining?

Cannabis Supper Clubs in New York: Where To Find Weed Infused Dining

So much of what we do at Pot In Illinois is to keep you informed about everything in the world of edibles and infused dining. You can get so many top flight culinary options now, from different parts of the country. We’ve covered some of that already for you, and plan to keep expanding the coverage. So, if you’re planning to be in the area, here’s cannabis supper clubs in New York: Want weed infused dining?

So what are the THC infused dining options in New York?

You can find a wide variety of weed infused eating in New York. You’ll get everything from multi course dinners to fast food, if you want. Let’s take a look at the options below:

1., according to their website, is the first marijuana experience dedicated to fine dining. Founded in New York City, it’s an underground supper club featuring exceptional and locally-sourced ingredients according to season. The meal is artisan experience from start to finish. The chefs test their marijuana not only for organic qualities, but to balance the flavors of each dish. Additionally, they test their cannabis for psychoactive properties throughout the flow of the dinner.’s mission is to focus on haute cuisine, rather than getting high. If you want info on pricing, upcoming dinners and events, here’s how to get onto their newsletter subscription list.

2. Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza

As featured on TMZ, Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza is exactly what it seems to be. You can get these New York style pizzas via delivery and pickup, which is available in New York City and New Jersey. The minimum order starts at $100. You can get items such as pizzas, gelato, brownies, and cannoli, to name a few. If you want to place an order and find out about more options in the NYC area, click here.

3. Higher Dining

Owned and run by women of color, sisters Shanelly and Roshelly, Higher Dining is led by cannabis experts, well-seasoned chefs, and event planners. They prepare the meals with what they feel are the proper pot dosages per course. When you attend a Higher Dining event, you’ll find the medicinal benefits of the strains in your meal outlined when you arrive.

As a guest, you can get a custom baked theme for a regale of your choice. Many of the menus have a Latin flavor. These are high end, multi course events, available throughout New York City and abroad. Learn more here.

4. 99th Floor

Good luck getting onto this invite only VIP list. 99th Floor, owned by Miguel Trinidad and Doug Cohen, features the type of high end, 5 course cuisine you would expect to find in New York. Prepared by Chef Miguel, expect to indulge in dishes such as Scallop Crudo and Smoked Duck Gnocchi. They don’t have a website, only an Instagram page, but you can also find them via their daily podcast at no other time than 4:20pm EST.

5. Chef For Higher

New York City based entrepreneur “Hawaii Mike” is the co-founder of Chef For Higher, alongside his wife Stephanie. They host meticulously curated cannabis-infused dinners for enthusiasts. They structure their events in the form of a supper club membership, which you can find out about here. As they offer highly popular selections such as Club Crab Cake, Texas Style Brisket and Smoked Pork Shoulder, this is a club definitely worth looking into.

6. 3Chi

If you’re into Delta 8, you’re in luck. 3Chi has a robust line of edibles, including gummies, tinctures, cookies,
brownies, and our personal favorite – cereal treats. Average dosage per edible is 50 mg. Just go to the main menu
and select “edibles” to see what they have to offer. And don’t forget, one of the advantages of Delta 8 is that
interstate delivery is not illegal. Just as long as the delivery is from one legal state to another.

Cannabis Supper Clubs: Where To Find Weed Infused Dining

We strongly recommend that you keep checking back at this page, as well as our others, for constant updates. We’ve covered cannabis supper clubs and infused dining in Chicago, suburban Chicago, Michigan, Boston, and we’re starting to cover California. Cannabis infused dining is one of the most enjoyable ways of consuming marijuana.

It’s also an excellent way to support small, independent businesses. Lastly, be sure to check with all of these options ahead of time to get details on how they’re operating during COVID. Stay safe and enjoy.

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