Cannabis Supper Clubs In Michigan: Where To Find Weed Infused Dinners

Cannabis Supper Clubs in Michigan: Where To Find Weed Infused Dinners

As we get into the summer months in Illinois and the greater Midwest, we want to explore cannabis options in other areas. We’re all going to be doing a lot more road tripping this summer, if we’re traveling at all. That means we’re going to be sticking a little closer to home. If that’s the case with you, there’s a lot more happening around you in all things cannabis than you might otherwise think. So whether you’re doing a summer trip, thinking of moving, or you actually live there part or full time, here’s a guide to cannabis supper clubs in Michigan: Where to find weed infused dinners.

Where To Get Cannabis Infused Cuisine In Michigan

We’ve discussed cannabis supper clubs in Illinois a lot in the past, as well as do-it-yourself options that you can look into at home. Cannabis infused dining is one of the fastest growing sectors of legal marijuana today, so expect to see more of it.

1. 2DopeChefz

The chef duo behind this venture, Key Locke and A.L. Forbes, offer a private underground pop-up cannabis dinner series in Michigan. They plan to eventually travel throughout the nation, so be on the lookout for that as well. Each of their dinners includes 5 courses. Every course contains a side sauce, that can be infused with various flower pairings. Their mission is to break the stigma of cannabis use, as well as teaching diners how to enjoy the cannabis infused food experience responsibly.

2. Michigan Cannabis Chefs

According to their site, Michigan Cannabis Chefs is a collaborative food company that specializes in crafting artisan cannabis-infused dishes for special occasion dinners, large group events and catered parties. They use locally-sourced, seasonal farm fresh ingredients whenever possible. Food offerings are infused with carefully selected Michigan-grown cannabis. As they love introducing people to cannabis cuisine and creating a memorable experience, this is another option worth checking out.

3. Femmes de la Fleur

Curators of heightened culinary experiences, Femmes de la Fleur is led by Chi Walker and Jenna Michlin, co-founders and head chefs, who are passionate about food and cannabis. According to their site, by fusing food and cannabis, FDF creates a world of culinary opportunities. Inspired by the healing properties of THC and CBD, these women aim to take your culinary experiences to new heights. If that sounds good to you, check out what they have to offer here.

4. Cannabis Concepts

Gigi Diaz, executive chef, cooks for those with dietary restrictions. Dishes include vegan and vegetarian options, such as selections like pan-fried cauliflower steak encrusted in infused potato flakes and drenched in a mushroom cream gravy. Learn more about her offerings and how to book an event here.

5. Lucky Pistil Catering

Michigan native Enid Parham, uses tablescapes to introduce clients to the plant. Her dining events feature dishes like squid ink pasta with infused sun-dried tomato mushroom sherry sauce, to give you an idea of what to expect. Her mission is to be inspired to explore the world of cannabis with an open mind. Check this out for another good option if you want creative cannabis infused dining.

Cannabis Supper Clubs In Michigan: Where To Find Weed Infused Dinners

Cannabis supper clubs and weed infused dining is fun, no doubt. That said, keep in mind the best practices we recommend so that you do it safely. These events are hard to book, and they’re not cheap, so you want to avoid overdoing it so that you can enjoy yourself. Go slow and go low, as they say, and you should have fun.