Cannabis Supper Clubs in Chicago: Where to find them now

Cannabis Supper Clubs in Chicago

Hey everybody – we’re continually updating this article since we originally posted it! We’ve already shared lists of legal options for you here and here, as well as the latest news and trends. One thing not yet legal in Illinois, however, is consuming cannabis in cafes, bars or restaurants. So what do you do in the meantime, if you’re looking for high quality, marijuana infused cuisine? Is there a workaround? Well, for now there is. We’ve got info for you on Cannabis Supper Clubs in Chicago: Where to find them now.

So what are these clubs?

Here’s our original list below:

1. Table For Twenty

Table For Twenty is an exclusive, members only dining experience that infuses THC and/or CBD into artisan dinners. Offering a unique dining experience to cannabis enthusiasts, the company takes reservations at least two weeks in advance for parties up to 26 diners. If your party is larger than 26, they ask that you contact them directly. Featured on Windy City Live, Table For Twenty specializes in private home dining events, complete with multi course dinners and cocktail party attire. To learn more and to get on their list, click here.

2. Herbal Notes

Herbal Notes is pop-up cannabis supper club active in Chicago, started in San Diego. Their mission is elevating the cannabis conversation around the dinner table. Chef Manny Mendoza, who made the finals in High Times Cooking Competition, infuses high end artisan cuisine with various strains of cannabis. Past dinner parties have seated in the range of 20 guests, six courses, and a $125 per seat price tag. Of course, options vary, so learn more here.

3. Mateo’s Pot

Mateo’s Pot takes a slightly different approach to the cannabis culinary experience in Chicago. They combine their events with an artistic experience, holding several puff ‘n paint events throughout the year that guests can participate in. Like the other weed chefs above, they allow hold long, family style dinners in which they infuse artisan cuisine with cannabis. Dress up, come out, and meet new people is their motto. Learn more about their offerings, pricing and how to make reservations here.

Updates To This Post

Since we first posted on the Chicago cannabis supper club scene, we’ve had updates with even more content, including weed infused dining in other states, drinks, and lounges. Check it out:

1. More Chicago cannabis supper club options to check out in the area

In addition to the above three cannabis infused dining clubs, more have opened since we first posted in January of 2020. Learn more at the above link.

2. Drinks

Do you prefer to drink your THC instead? If so, you’re in luck. Check out the above for more varied and tasty options coming your way.

3. Lounges

Does the idea of a weed cafe intrigue you? They’re coming. The first cannabis lounge in Illinois was scheduled to come earlier in the year. While plans have been revised, check out the above for what to expect when life returns to normal.

And if you’re going to be on the road, read our posts about the cannabis supper club scene in:

4. Michigan

Michigan legalized cannabis right around the time that Illinois did, and some say they’re further along in terms of their scene. Check out the above for cannabis supper clubs.

5. Massachusetts

As you can guess, much of this is concentrated in the Boston area, but the state is so small, does it even matter?

6. New York

Lots of options in New York, no surprise there. Some say they’re even ahead of the curve with offerings on the east coast.

7. Maine

Even in coastal Maine, you can find top quality weed infused dining. And believe it or not, not all of it is lobster.

8. Las Vegas

Going to Vegas any time soon? Then this is info that you’ll want to have before you go.


So as you can see, there are some great options for weed infused food in the Windy City. Until the state allows restaurants, cafes, and bars to offer marijuana cuisine as an option, expect to see these supper clubs grow in number, variety, quality, and creativity. And like always, we’ll be here to help you find these options. Cheers!