Cannabis Pop Up events in Chicago happening now

Cannabis Pop Up events in Chicago happening now

Local events companies and events planners are moving full steam ahead with weed themed parties and in-person get togethers. We’re finally moving towards a time when these are going mainstream. Federal legalization is most likely only a few years off. Even though much of this still operates in a bit of a gray area, it’s not nearly the secret it used to be. If you’re looking for things to do, here’s cannabis pop up events in Chicago happening now.

Why are they still in the gray area?

Because of licensing red tape and various other headaches, some of these events are not as publicized as some of what you would find in non-weed industries.

So what does that mean?

It sometimes means that you’ll receive the actual location right before the event takes place. Or, you may need to get a referral from someone you know.

And what are some of these?

Here’s a few to put on your radar. Expect this to be a list that grows over time:

Hush Chicago

This is a cannabis party planner in Chicago, hosting pop ups and other events. They’ve held speakeasies, infused food tastings, and more. Check out their upcoming events here.

High Minded Events

More of a luxury cannabis events planner, they partner with area cannabis brands, holding events centered around 420 industry happenings. Find out more here.

What’s next

Don’t forget to follow our past posts on infused dining in Chicago and the best edibles and expos for more on pop ups in and around the city. Whether you’re looking for micro dose, a certain theme, or a type of cuisine, there’s something for everyone. And look for these to expand throughout the state as time goes on, as well.

Be sure to check back on this post, as it will update often as needed.