Cannabis pizza is a thing – here’s where now

Cannabis pizza

You’ve heard of cannabis ice cream. You know all about cannabis food trucks. So you knew it had to be coming. Cannabis pizza is a thing – here’s where now.

What it is

Weed infused treats of all kinds have been popping up everywhere. Pizza is no exception. Some are infused with THC, some with CBD, some with a combo of both. But the interesting thing is that in some places, you can even get it delivered.

It depends. As it is with so many related to cannabis law, in some places it’s legal, and in others, not necessarily illegal – even in legal adult use cannabis states. It just depends on the web of laws in that particular state. But as long as it’s not expressly illegal, that seems to be the thing that matters.

So what’s the deal, what and where?

Here is where you can find cannabis pizza so far:

Stoney Slice

In downtown L.A., you’ll find this infused pizza place that seems to want to keep its exact address off of its site. You’ll need to text them. They offer a pretty wide pizza menu, including five cheese, pepperoni, and chicken. You can also get wings and pizza puffs. All come in THC or CBD infused options. Private events also available.

Stoned Pizza

Available for dine in or delivery throughout several locations in New York, Stoned Pizza is one of the first pizzerias in this space. Not cheap nor for the faint of heart in terms of dosing, the quality is said to be first rate. Offering a huge pizza menu along with dessert items such as cannoli, cheesecake, and gelato, this place is worth a visit if you’re in NYC.

Pies & Grinders

If you like CBD infused food, check out this pizza place in Colorado Springs as well as in two additional nearby locations. Offering CBD pizza and wings, Pies & Grinders also offers CBD infused garlic bread, salads and the other pizza place menu options you’ll typically find. No THC, but all the CBD you could possibly want in your pizza.

What else

If you like edibles, don’t forget to check out our edibles, Delta 8, and supper club guides. Also be sure to check back, as we update these posts often with new new places opening, especially as more states legalize adult use cannabis. We’ll eventually see federal legalization, but till then it will continue to be a complicated patchwork of state laws.

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