Cannabis Infused Ice Cream for July 4th

Cannabis infused ice cream

So as we get ready for the upcoming 4th of July weekend, we know it’s going to look a lot different this year. No parades, no major fireworks shows, and so on. That said, you can still find ways to make Independence Day fun. If you like frozen treats, and you happen to be in the area of any of these places, here’s cannabis infused ice cream for July 4th:

Why is ice cream such a great cannabis infused food?

Ice cream naturally lends itself to being a perfect food for cannabis infusing. The dairy base of the frozen dessert absorbs and blends the plant better than most foods. Additionally, the strong flavor and consistency help to mask any flavors from the plant that you might not otherwise be into.

1. 3JS Hice Cream

Based out of Denver, this creamery celebrated its first anniversary in April of this year. This THC-infused dessert comes in cool flavors such as mint chocolate chip, moose tracks, peanut butter chocolate, and strawberry cheesecake. You can find all of them at dispensaries across Colorado (

2. Prohibition Creamery

An bourbon and CBD infused ice cream parlor out of Austin, flavors include Afternoon Delight, which has a red velvet ice cream base with hemp-derived CBD oil and swirls in cream cheese frosting. Other flavors, infused with bourbon, include Whiskey Chocolate, Pecan Buttered Rum, Cheesecake with Graham Swirl, Classic Vanilla, and Signature Bourbon (

3. Cloud Creamery

As we discussed when we covered cannabis infused dining in the Boston area, chef David Yusefzadeh builds his CBD- and THC-infused flavors around ingredients like fresh mint and vanilla beans. You can also find non dairy based options, such as oat milk and coconut milk, if you prefer. Look for them at dispensaries in Massachusetts (

4. OK Nice Cream

Based in Oklahoma, this creamery has so many options we can’t even list them here. Whether you want ice cream by the pint, by the bar, or you simply want their butter, there’s an option for you. Choose from flavors such as Vanilla Custard, Chocolate, Cold Press Coffee, Coconut Sorbet, and Watermelon Fruit Bar (

Best practices when consuming edibles

Like we always want to emphasize when talking edibles, please remember how to indulge safely. You can always add, but not take away, so be conservative, especially if you’re new to consuming cannabis this way. Have fun, be safe, and have a great 4th.